Random artists from my pixiv folder

I have a pixiv folder in my bookmarks, and unfortunately, it is expanding at a rate which is simply unreasonable. Well, let’s see what’s inside my little folder~ First up…

…Oh my Madoka… Asakura Masatoki‘s backgrounds never cease to amaze me. It’s not too busy, it’s not too simple. It’s drawn and blended JUST RIGHT.

Bankai Akira‘s style takes a little getting use to, but few can question the awesomeness of this image. I really love remillia’s dress, which maintains the classic characteristics with a new flair and delicacy.

I love Dhiea. Love her. Which is why I’m a bit conflicted about this image. I mean, I love Dhiea, but I hate QB, but I love Dhiea, but I hate QB….ad infinitem.

Ok, ok, I’ll just forget about that and look at the two of them instead.

Now that I think about it, Dhiea’s style is pretty similiar to Rella’s. I would love them to do a collaboration sometime. 

Tsukimono Aoi is one of those artists Buried that I completely forgot about. Maybe it’s because Sanae’s missing hand hid it away? 

I can’t help but think that Kwasabiyori00D hasn’t wriggled out of Ryohka-copycat mode, but this picture is so CUTE~ I just want to get in there and give that scruffy kitten some food~

Now for some fanservice~

I’ve seen chinchikurin around for a while, but it all started when I was super impressed when he posted a video tutorial of how he drew an image of the kagamine twins. I actually showed it to my art teacher, and he sighed and said “I’m glad I don’t draw pictures like that because I can’t possible compare”. In any case…Yummy. 

Speaking of yummy, Carnelian posts little tidbits from her doujins onto her pixiv account. With her Star Driver doujins, Sugata completely overwhelms Takuto, which is so HOT~

I’ve also started playing Messiah yesterday, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s that good… at the very least, an odd h-scene near the beginning put me off a bit, but the story’s still interesting enough.

Ame‘s drawings are usually cute, but this dramatic image is definitely eye-catching. I wish I can know about the backstory of this piece, if there is any. 

(;へ;)三 definitely has one of the odder usenames that I’ve seen, but an odd name does not detract from the dreamy and sweet feeling the picture emanates. 

Kitsune has an extremely detailed way of coloring, which, fortunately, never seems too busy. The above is a sample from one of his books, and I oh so wish I can track down a copy. This rather reminds me of a little strip in Hetalia where chibitalia wanders into a lavish dream world and sees Japan. I wonder if that strip has been continued? Either way, I love this kind of old Japanese feeling, with the festival and lanterns and robes.

Saya‘s latest works have a touch of sophistication that often comes with that certain type of shoujo drawings. However, her older drawings are just adorable. The only problem I have is that the older drawings seems to be drawing the style of Putidevil. I think I prefer the new style. 

Speaking of the style, Sekiyu has made this delicately sensual image. Flower censoring FTW amirite? 😉

ジ ノ (I have no idea how that’s supposed to be pronounced) seems like to have came to pixiv quire recently, as there are very few uploaded images, most of which are head shots of what seems to be game sprites. I can’t wait for more works to be uploaded, and I’m especially curious as to what his/her backgrounds look like. 

This might seem a bit rude, Aki has recently gotten good. I mean, her art has never been all that bad, but this image just seems to come together so much better than her earlier works. maybe it’s the little crosses inside Rin and Len’s eyes?

I can’t remember whether or not I’ve featured Ke-ta in this blog before, but even if I did, an image as exquisite as this can always be posted again. He seems to have been influenced by Oyari Ashito in the best way possible, and I love the way that the light is shined on her calf. Yes, I have a bit of a calf fetish, you got a problem with that?

…Ok, I admit it, it’s a bit of a problem… I need help……

5 thoughts on “Random artists from my pixiv folder

  1. Luv it!! bookmarked. Can anyone share links of japanese artists tutorial videos like kagamine twins video mentioned above or any others.

    • You’re going to stalk through the artists sites, unfortunately. Most people don’t record their drawing sessions, and it’s rather rare, especially for a commercial artist, to have drawing tutorials.

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