Unlike SOME people *coughtypemooncough*, Leaf isn’t known for constantly changing their release dates. SO…Here’s hoping for the best! PLEASEGIVEMEAGOODENDINGFORTOUMAOHPLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASE………!


3 thoughts on “Yes Yes YESSSSSSSSSSS

  1. I have to wonder whether Nakamura Takeshi is still the sole artist for this title, and if so, whether he was given sufficient time to finish the art. It’s clear he was a bottleneck in the original game as the art quality suffered in several CGs and the game release date was pushed back several times. Why not get 1 or 2 of Leaf’s “wonder trio” to help out (Amadayu Tatsuki or Mitsumi Misato)? It would have given more variety among the character designs and taken less time overall.

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