Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi Episode 4

You know when I like a company? When they understand the need for custom maid outfits. I think it’s a minor problem that there is no different skirt lengths, however, I love different maid outfits~ What’s my favorite? The one worn by the protag.

I had to post this. Look at Ryouko’s expression! It’s adorable! This is the right kind of kuu/tsun-dere. Really, it’s so hard to fine a girl like this who’s not actually bitchy. Anywho, the Landlady there in the back is also pretty awesome.  It’s so rare to see a woman carry a girl in her arms. Especially while running. She must have the upper body strength of an anime character.

I still don’t like what they try to pass off as plot though. For instance, this moment was portrayed as very sentimental, but is it really a good thing to be told that the guy who is in love with you is willing to change every fiber of his being to appeal to you? That’s not right. And if this was an anime that actually took itself seriously, they would have addressed that by now. But this isn’t, and instead we get treated to random things like THIS:

In the words of the narrator: “They’ve obviously gotten over the fact that they’re siblings.”




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