Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni first impressions

This is a game known for it’s BEAUTIFUL opening.

This is from a company that’s known for pretty pictures and lackluster plots.

This is hilarious.
After a few hours with Messiah, I got bored (and more than a little irked by the hscenes. I mean, some stuff is fine, but making the dude drink his own semen is just gross). Therefore, I have decided to go back to galgames. So far, this game has proven to be quite mysterious and funny.
Especially Mina. Mina is hilarious.
Anyway, mu enjoyment is compounded by a few things.
1) THE FONT IS LARGE. After a few games with less than desirable font sizes, something this large is VERY welcome.
2) There’s a lot of animation everywhere. For instance, the sea in the background is animated. Not even Ef, with its ridiculous budget, had so many frames for water. Also, the characters move around a lot with small but noticeable effects. I don’t even remember the last time I had a game that had the characters move around this much. I MISS IT. SO MUCH.
3) Kurashima Tomoyasu. His art made Infinite Stratos and Strike Witches much more enjoyable. His style is full of movement and life, which, coupled with the system, makes everything feel lively.
So…yeah. Going back to play more now. Ciao~



6 thoughts on “Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni first impressions

  1. Wait so what’s the issue with pretty pictures and a lackluster plot if you consider the OP to be absolutely beautiful, with a hilarious character, and find the impressions so far mysterious and funny?

    Isn’t that the ideal lackluster plot VN/galgame? Lacking a plot sucks but if one is thoroughly entertained, I’d say it’s a reasonable game.

  2. I don’t understand why Kurashima Tomoyasu doesn’t illustrate more games. His art his pretty good. I sure wish that a company like Mangagamer would translate this one.

    • He’s worked on quite a few games, actually. There’s school days, next graduation, Canvas 2, and Hitoyume. Plus if you wanted more of his art you can look at anime like Infinite Stratos, Strike Witches, Kakyuusei 2, and Iriya no sora.

      • Yes, but in my view Kurashima’s best work in a game is in AsuKimi and its fandisc. It’s too bad that he’s not illustrating more purplesoftware titles.

        Did you check out the drama CDs for this game? The following link shows the voice actress for Mikaze Rika (Ryoko Tanaka, AKA Isshiki Hikaru) talking about her role in the game, though I don’t know why she keeps using the word “Hidoi” (or cruel) so much.

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