Negima chapter 334 reveals something that many of us has been hoping wasn’t true…
NAGI? Are you kidding me? This lifemaker’s Nagi? But that makes no sense. The lifemaker has been sealed under the school for more than 10 years. We know this because of the history of the world tree, which used the energy of the lifemaker. Saying that the lifemaker is a title that can be placed on different bodies doesn’t make sense either, since there is an actual bloodline of the lifemaker. What’s more, Jack doesn’t look surprised. So he knew all this stuff already? This explains why the cute shota was the one who woke up Fate though. Still, what on earth is that shota? What happened between the time that the shota faded into sparklieness and now? And when are we going to get the giant flashback to Eva’s past?

I am SO glad that there’s no delay for the next chapter.


There’s going to be a “Pre-opening special”…

Please don’t tell me the next chapter is going to be delayed for a special to promote the anime…





2 thoughts on “OH SHI-

  1. And the possibility that it’s a projection or something else false doesn’t come to mind?

    On the other hand, who else could be inserted there that causes a shock?

    One week suddenly got longer.

  2. The Lifemaker has the ability to posses people when his current body dies. The “cute shota” you are referring to is Zect, who helped kill the Lifemaker’s host 20 years ago, and was possessed in turn. Nagi killed possessed Zect 10 years ago, and was in turn possessed himself, however he was sealed, probably because of advance planning for getting himself sealed in the even that he was possessed.

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