Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi Episode 5-7

In Episode 5, we get introduced to Momo-chan-Senpai. Some readers may say, “Choux, there’s a new character? Why don’t you post an image of her face?”. However, I must reply that her “Millet dumpings” are completely and absolutely the focus of the episode.

See? Objects of worship. 

Sadly, the show decides to get serious, with a series of montages to Ryouko’s past. I say sadly, because they actually hint at some real plot, which is something I have yet to see in this show.

Ooh… That guy looks vicious. And by the way that Ryouko’s clothes are disheveled…kill him! KILL HIM!!!

On a somewhat unrelated note, Ryouko looks so pretty with her hair straight~ And really, how am I supposed to believe that this is a flashback if she looks older? Anyhoo, it seems like the writers are setting up for a longer arc, and I, looking forward to the arc, kept watching the next episode.

But instead of resolution of Ryouko’s Middle school history, I get treated to how Ringo and Ryouko became friends.

It’s a simple story. Ringo was asked to deliver a permission form to Ryouko, who was sick. There, she fell in love with Ryouko’s kuu-dere moe and decided to stick with her forever. The thing is though, I actually thought that this flashback was executed well, and Ringo’s confession of why she wants to be near Ryouko is easily the most touching scene of the series so far. Look at how cute that is! This episode is also notable for its quality. As you can see, the two screenshots above are a little below the average quality of the show. But it’s more than compensated for some rather engaging writing and Ringo in an adorable outfit.

That is SO CUTE.

Oh, I almost forgot, but there was also the stalker montage.

How they made something so creepy so cute and heartwarming, I will never know.

Episode 7 goes back to the usual format, with our heroes helping out an awkward couple. The thing is, I don’t know if I’m more used to it or something, but I really loved the episode.

Of course, Ringo takes the chance to make our cute little couple pair up and go on an double date together~ She does so with another adorable outfit in tow, but oh… only if her arms didn’t look so atrophied….

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, Ryouko hits her head, loses her memories, and turns back into the sweet little thing she was when she was 13.

Of course, our little protagonist almost dies from moegasms with the new Ryouko, and I don’t blame him. Who could possible resist those little fangs? Were they there before?

With this new opportunity, the new couple runs away from the couple they were trying to help, and has a date all by themselves. This involves all the usual date stuff (sans movie), and there’s even a rain scene.

Ok. For the last week, I always watched the episode, then blogged about it. Now, I’m watching, then pausing and writing, which means that stuff is REALLY fresh on my mind and I have a lot to that I want to talk about. For instance, Ryouko was eating a parfait, and she wated to share a spoonful with Ryoushi.

But Ryoushi is too busy talking to Ringo to notice her. What makes it worse is that they’re talking about how to get the old Ryouko back, and various precautions and procedures that must be done. Poor Ryouko. How bad does it hurt, I wonder, to lose the person you just fell in love with to some version of yourself that you don’t know? 

And of course, the evil dude appears now, oh so conveniently, to take advantage of Ryouko, who’s vulnerable and alone. Ryoushi comes and rescues her, only to realize that the girl in his arms has slept with this slezebag when she was 13.

Isn’t there some law against that?

What’s more, she was RAPED by the slezebag when she was 13. I’m SURE there’s some law against that. And how this lolicon is so desperate for more sex with her that he chased her all the way to this city. I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN there’s grounds for a restraining order, right there! I know that that’s kind of the point of the student body, but these people really should go and talk to adults more often!And right at Ryoushi’s moment of awesomeness, the guy says that all that was just said was a lie.

Damn, that’s villain material.

…I feel sorry the the couple that they were trying to help. It’s sad to be cut out of the story, isn’t it?

Anywhoo, I’m glad that I stuck to this series. The mood has changed a lot since the beginning, and I’m crossing my fingers that the ending won’t be rushed, crappy, or (ugh) original.


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