Last night, I finished the Umineko Chiru ep8

Ah…I can’t believe that it’s been four years since this whole thing started. I feel so empty now…

I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t really give any answers to the closed rooms, but then again, he did say that he’s not going to give them out this time. Anywhoo, there’s a lot of jibber jabber in this episode, which really made it drag in some parts (they were repeating things and dragging them out… I know that he wanted to give a little face time to each charactr, but still…). The focus/theme of the episode is not lost, however, and this focus on the pursuit of happiness really ties the whole thing together. I also like the comedy in the episode, which almost makes it feel like a fandisc.

I’ll be avoiding 07thexpansion’s next work though. The manga version, so far, is…well…really depressing.


3 thoughts on “Last night, I finished the Umineko Chiru ep8

  1. Haven’t finished it but I knew already about the closed room “scandal” if I can call it that, as my female friend who played it in Japanese totally raged about it and spoiled me some bits.
    And yeah this episode is the funniest I played, DAT KINZO.
    Same friend also told me that the VN version of Higabana iirc the name is actually pretty awesome compared to the manga.

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