Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of misogyny

So apparently is okay for Catwoman and Batman to have sex, but not in the way that it was written, because seeing her for so many panels in a state of undress without seeing her head is misogynistic…

I’ve been reading all the fuss about the DC 52 comic relaunch with some bemusement.  I realized that if some of the women posting about just how misogynistic comics are becoming were to read some of the manga that is out there, well, I’m sure they’d be choking on their own vomit they’d be so disgusted.

Trust me ladies, DC doesn’t hold a candle to some of the shoujo manga I’ve read.  Pick anything by Mayu Shinjo.  Haou Airen is a pretty nice example, girl saves guy, he’s a hot gangster, he kidnaps her, rapes her, but its okay because he loves her.

Or what about Love Celeb?  Right from the start Kirara is being told by her manager the best way to make it in the industry is to sell her body.  Her manager even gives her sex lessons and Gin mostly emotionally abuses her throughout the entire manga.  But its okay, he’s always screwing her and emotionally abusing her, because he’s hot and he just doesn’t understand love.

Her female characters are sweet I guess, but hopelessly naive to the point of being complete idiots. I don’t think you can consider them to have any dignity since they fall head over heels in love with guys who basically rape them.

Its a pretty sad, warped view of romance and thank god for mangas like Kimi ni Todoke.  Without something like that to read after a Shinjo type manga I’d probably become a total shut in, rocking myself violently in the corner and fearful of all men.

Not that she’s the only culprit, take this little snippet from Hachimitsu Shounen.  All ends happily ever after.  She forgives him for sleeping with his ex while she was on vacation. Yes that’s right I said vacation.  They weren’t separated for months or years while they pursued college or a job contract on something.

He felt insecure while she was on vacation and slept with his ex. But once she finds out he repeatedly called her name while banging his ex, it all became okay.  Because well, at least he was thinking of her while he did it.  Excuse me, what?  Its okay he screwed around on you because he did it because you were gone and he was lonely and really he was just using her as a substitute for you.

Is that really any kind of relationship message to send to women?  My ending would be a lot more satisfying, it goes something like this.  They wouldn’t get back together and he’d be lying on the ground bleeding to death from his crotch with his newly detached equipment stuffed in his mouth.

Do girls in Japan actually enjoy this sort of manga?  Or are guys the ones actually reading this kind of drivel.  Hachimitsu Shounen made me sad, although funnily enough I do enjoy her other manga Momoiro Heaven.

Its full of the same smut, Ranmaru is a whore who doesn’t seem to really care about any of the women he sleeps around with.  But, while he teases Momoko and that sometimes strays into dodgy territory.  He’s never really outright cruel to her and he’s had plenty of opportunity to force her into sex but hasn’t.

It looks like he may genuinely be coming to care for her and  Momoko isn’t an absolute moron like many of Shinjo’s heroines.  She is a virgin and somewhat naive, but that makes it all the more fun when she gets her way, which means Ranmaru doesn’t get his 🙂

Its biggest saving factor is probably the humor.  I can handle the fact Ranmaru is a bit of a bastard, because he’s not a total ass and the situations are being played up for humor not a poor attempt at drama.

So calm down ladies, if Catwoman wants to call Batman for a booty call, let her get her rocks off with mister tall, dark and sexy.  At least she’s the one calling the shots, she called him after all.

She’s not being kidnapped and raped by hot gangsters, or being forced into prostitution to become a huge popstar and I’m only just scraping the surface of mangas that are horribly degrading to women.

So next time you think Catwoman wanting to tap that is bringing down the feminist movement, just remember, it could be worse, much worse!





2 thoughts on “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of misogyny

  1. Now, I wonder what would happen if the majority of otaku were women? That said, I haven’t actually read many of those types of manga (both directed towards men and directed towards women), but… I guess you could say it’s the writer’s ‘fantasies’, and they’re fit to do what they want?

    This entire misogyny vs. freedom of speech is a very touchy subject. I genuinely wonder what the creators of these types of material – be it films, comics, or literature – /want/ from their creations. Just money?

    • @ Mushyrulez, I wondered that myself, I have a horrible feeling the majority of manga’s would become reverse harem comedies (shudder).

      In the case of Shinjo, if those are her fantasies then that in itself is scary, if that is how she thinks/wants a relationship to be like. But its not like people enjoying being dominated is limited just to Japan, so each to their own I guess.

      And I agree, are these types of materials being produced because as you say its the writers fantasy, or are they just shrewd business people and know that this is the kind of stuff that sells well?

      In the case of the latter, I half wondered if some of the change at DC is a just that. Did, they finally stop caring about the minute number of women who read their comics and just decided to bank on selling more by giving their main demographic more of what they want.

      As horrified as hubby was by the complete bastardization of Starfire’s character in Red Hood and The Outlaws he wasn’t outraged by the T & A on show. Not that I think anybody could be outraged by that considering her outfit has always been barely there. Turning her into an amoral super slut though, well that kind of made all Teen Titans fans really sad.

      The former is scary, because is horrific to think that there are lots of people out there who might possibly view their fantasies as true representations of how normal relationships are supposed to be.

      My own husband seems to think I’m not more outraged at rampant misogyny in the comic book world and that I seem to take a more manly view of it. Because my mother is Indian/Mauritian and I was raised to be subservient to men.

      I took great pains to point out my Father is your average White guy and actively fought my mother to treat my brother and I equally, despite her trying to raise us in the manner my husband suggested.

      I think I’m less bothered by it, because I understand that I’m not the target audience for those comics. Women can rant and rave all they want that DC sucks, but why would they change their direction for the few, when what they are putting out there is what the vast majority wants?

      Sure if you’re a girl and you’re a comic book fan it sucks ass that comic book companies don’t care about you.

      Seeing it in shoujo manga is more annoying to me, because aren’t those books supposed to target my gender?

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