Durarara dub bloopers

Ever since I found some Easter Eggs on my InuYasha dvds which turned out to be bloopers, I wished more anime companies would just stick them on the discs as extras.

I mean c’mon, you know they have to have a crap ton of them!!


4 thoughts on “Durarara dub bloopers

  1. @ Amoirsp, we can but dream! They have be sitting on a huge pile of them, they just have to be. You figure if at each actor slips up at least once per episode (willing to bet the number is higher than that though) then the blooper count starts to rack up pretty quickly,

    Ah well its just as much fun finding vids on youtube. I particularly enjoyed Old Spice Commerical Shizuo and Nyan Cat (Izaya), both are up on my G+ for anyone wanting to check out those. 🙂

  2. The funniest thing about anime bloopers is that the animation goes so smoothly, while in film bloopers, the actors often mess up their movements when they say something weird.

    That said, I wonder if they were looking at the script for the first time; ‘He’s gonna rape us, isn’t he…’ was particularly ‘wait, what?’

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