Shana Final ep 1-2

What on earth was Itou Noizi thinking when she designed Yuuji’s new look? I mean, it’s like ancient Chinese Armour, except the person wearing has a penchant for dorky scarves and a love for showing off long, silky locks of hair. Did they have conditioner in the other world? Was he born like that? And why would anyone let ALL of their hair grow long, except for one, teeny tiny lock that sticks onto their forehead? It must be such a hassle to have hair stick into your eyeballs in the middle of a battle.

Speaking of hassles…that dung beetle armor can’t possibly be effective in battle. If it can’t even defend against Yuuji’s shiny, braided hair, what good can it do?

Scenes like these kind of freak me out. First of all, Yuuji’s new voice is deep. That’s just creepy for some reason. Second of all, why on earth are a bunch of the main villains standing, together, over a scenic valley? Do they seriously have nothing better to do? Was this series always so cheesy? Wind, valley, meaningless words, acoustic guitar… On top of the ridiculous villian designs, I’m really questioning my memory about whether or not the creators ever took this series seriously. And of course, the random characters showing up makes me wonder if they’re old characters I’ve forgotten, or characters that the last two seasons forgot to put in, or new characters. It’s hard to tell, really.

Lastly, there’s this. See, anime hair occupies a special realm of physics. When needed, it can be completely solid, or translucent. However, I’ve never seen this combination of half translucent and half opaque.

And now it’s opaque? Make up your mind, JC staff!

Oh yes, it’s not the SIZE of the vessel, it’s how you use it~

Seriously though. The art quality’s definitely giving me some problems, and the character designs of the mooks are just awful, not to mention the CG at the beginning of the first episode…sigh…  Well, I’ll end up watching the rest, just because I’ve spent so much time on the series already, but it’s definitely not going to be at the top of my to-do list.


One thought on “Shana Final ep 1-2

  1. Oh Choux, the Yuuji thing must be to procure a base design far different than his usual. (or not)

    I like the comment you did on half opaque and half translucent, or not being able to decide on either at different times in the same scene.

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