Guilty crown episode 1

Guilty crown is one of the most anticipated show of the season, and by the time I’m 4 minutes in, I am SOLD. It is 4 absolutely delicious minutes of the right kind of fanservice. No, no, not anything vulgar (although you’d expect that from the guy who wrote Seikon no Qwaser), but I believe that fanservice can refer to other things that are catering to the fans, and if you know me you know that a musical montage with lots of explosions is the BEST kind of fanservice. Redjuice’s character designs transferred BEAUTIFULLY to the new media, Supercell is as awesome as ever, and there’s the sleek, sharp animation that you’d expect from Production IG.

Even if the plot is non-existent I’d still enjoy it.

Of course, the plot is DEFINITELY present, and as cliched as many of the story elements are, it is definitely entertaining.

And cool. Definitely cool.


3 thoughts on “Guilty crown episode 1

  1. The music just melted my ears 😦

    Other than that and the delicious art, nothing else really seems to sell. There’s a key difference between animated, musical art, and anime, and I think redjuice is only the former.

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