Mayo Chiki impressions

I’ve been having a harder time watching more serious series right now. Fate/Zero is just depressing, and even Chaos;head, with its eroge parody attributes, is just too freaky. However, it is times like this that cute little shows like A Channel and Mayo Chiki prove to be awesome to me.
Unlike certain other anime with fan service and butlers *coughladiesvsbutlers*cough, Mayo chiki impressed me with its high production values and pure, concentrated, unadulterated, entertainment value. The characters are awesome, the sound effects are spot on, the jokes are hilarious, and did I mention that Kanade is awesome? Because she is. Kitamura Eri did such a great job voicing her~ Man, I need to find another series where she does a role like that.


The entire series is highly quotable and filled with these kinds of one-liners, and the plot (well, more like the writing, it IS a fanservicy comedy slice of life after all) goes on at a good pace. The best thing about the show? A good, proper ending. None of that harem ending stuff. The show knows who the main heroine is and sticks with it.

Even Kanade is shocked at how nice the show turned out to be~

Seriously. Even if for nothing else, watch it for Kanade. She’s the type of person I aspire to be.


7 thoughts on “Mayo Chiki impressions

  1. I watched it for Subaru and almost got the light novel. Pre-ordered a Subaru figure instead.

    Choux as Kanade … probably. 😛

  2. Kanade was an evil bitch 😦

    Mayo Chiki! was a relaxing show filled with nothingness. It’s basically pure comedy (I found the romantic aspects pretty shitty, Subaru’s like ‘hey man my mom died’ and is completely fine the next day, etc. etc. maybe it’s just teenagers being teenANGERS)

    Also who the heck gets blue hair anyways

  3. i didnt finished this serie because i couldnt stand that idiot protagonist with ! no balls!
    even if the chicks are hot!!

  4. @ smokinZOMBi
    No balls? Lol I think you woulnd’t be saying that if you get freaking TRAUMATIZED by two crazy ladies in the house since your childhood.

    Anyway it’s all about Kanade and Usami! Subaru’s not too bad though but Kanede is just too awesome at times.

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