Dra Koi review

Oh ho ho ho Choux, what on earth are you doing writing a blog post when you should be studying for your midterms and working on that research paper? Oh ho ho ho…..

On a completely different note. Dra Koi is a short story released by Nitro+, as a part of one of their fandiscs. It is very short, has only 2 non-h CGs, and is not voiced. The system is straightforward, and despite its annoyances should be very familiar to people who have played Nitro+ games before (seriously, who came up with the idea of setting the shift key as the skip key?). The backgrounds are all 3d, and there are tons of 3d shots of weapons and explosions, which makes it feel like there are more CGs than there really are. The art is, well, as you can see, nice. The character art is much more pleasant than the BG though, or maybe it’s because I’ve never liked Nitro+’s 3d stuff.

Now, for the important part: is it good? I’d say yes. The h-scenes seem random and kind of odd, not to mention the plot devices are ridiculous, but the heroine is likable, and the story is definitely charming.

Add to that one of the most awesome mothers in eroge history (yes, that loli is the protagonist’s mother), and you’ve got an enjoyable hour and a half filled with explosions and giggles. Not to mention some heartwarming bits.

BAM! *disappears*


11 thoughts on “Dra Koi review

  1. I looked at it… But… That brown haired girl has a suuuuuuuuuper annoying seiyuu (not as bad as her coco voice from katahand, but bad enough). Also, it scared me. Not her voice. The story.

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