I had first seen Gakuen Alice… around 5, 6 years ago? Back then, I thought it was adorable. Sadly I’ve stopped keeping track of most of the monthly mangas that I used to look at, and the 25+ volume length is definitely difficult to keep up with. Thankfully, with the help of Kyoukai senjou no horizon’s tvtropes page which led me to the Yuri page which mentioned Hotaru and Mikan which led me to a spoiler about Gakuen Alice which made me squeal like there’s no tomorrow. 


Oh holy fried cheese on a stick it’s impossible to describe how utterly SATISFYING to see a couple you’ve shipped for over 5 years finally get together. It’s especially nice because I’ve been looking at manga I used to follow, and realized that many of those series (ie Kobato, Angel Diary) have ended and now I can finally read them for a full resolution. What’s more, I used to go crazy for these cute squealy fluffy series (it’s pretty obvious when looking at my examples),  which is just perfect for wintry weather and a hot mug of cocoa. Nostalgia run FTW!



  1. Gah! Now I’m spoiled too!

    I read this on and off so I’m quite many chapters away, but good to know it finally goes there. Gives me motivation to read more lol

    • lol. That saying actually started with a friend of mine. She’s against swearing, so she’ll say stuff like “holy cheese in a bucket”. But I thought that was ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that it sounds unsanitary. Sticks are much better.

  2. Natsume’s so pushy LOL
    But I squealed (just a bit) when I first saw the thing… That was indeed cute…
    (But really, the over-the-balcony thing was not as romantic as when it was first introduced… But ah well)

  3. I think I’ve been reading the manga until 120~ until I became confused on who’s who XD.

    It’s not that surprising right? It was just prolonged. At first I wanted Mikan to be with Ruka-pyon but I’m shipping him now with Hotaru so… everything’s alright with the world.

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