I thought that Kyoukaisen would be something fun to rant about

But despite how Para-sol reminded me, I’ve forgotten how much I love complicated world settings. Therefore, the world Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon surprised me with its complexity and its odd kind of belief-suspending realism. Not to mention the DAWWWWWWWWWWWW moments and the multiple crowning moments of awesome (fighting giant robots with real estate scalping has never been so awesome). I mean, the comedic moments are just plain ridiculous, but for some reason it doesn’t feel jarring. I think it’s the Sunrise belief shield effect. No matter what kind of random crap they throw out, there are just the right amount of boobage, meido, naked men and explosions to make it practically unnoticeable. 

To make matters better, I totally ship Malga and Margot.

Yuri banzai~


2 thoughts on “I thought that Kyoukaisen would be something fun to rant about

  1. Uh, malga x margot is canon, so it’s not so much you shipping it than them… being shipped… by the author. I don’t know 😦

    Apparently the light novels make much more sense, so I guess sunrise just decided to throw all that out of the window. I wonder if they’ll still be able to continue adapting past this season…

    did I mention there’s a second season coming? 😉 but you already knew that.

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