A mystery from Leaf

If you had the time and money to fix your old CGs from this
To this
Why don’t you fix the new character art?

Why, Leaf? WHY?


23 thoughts on “A mystery from Leaf

  1. At first I think that the artwork is annoying but when I get used to it, it’s not that bad. New backgrounds in WA 2 CC is not as good as IC (Goodies Restaurant for example). However all I care now is the story.

    White Album 2 Closing Chapter is just… so depressing. 😦
    When I try to choose another route (Koharu’s) to avoid the love triangle of the trio of IC, I end up in another one that is even more depressing. The couple didn’t do anything wrong, yet they had to suffer so much. 😦

  2. At first glance, WA2’s artwork looks annoying but it grows on me overtime.
    Now what I really care about is its story.
    Closing Chapter is really heartbreaking. I tried to choose another route to avoid the depressing love triangle from Introductory Chapter but I ended up in another one and it’s is very depressing, too. 😦

    btw, I couldn’t post comments on your blog until I register an account on wordpress. My comments didn’t show up at all. 😦

    • You were caught in the spam filter, probably because you put the forum link as your site. A lot of times comments just won’t show up until they are moderated, so don’t worry about it too much unless it doesn’t show up for more than 2 days.
      As for the depressing love triangle….sigh……………………………… I got spoiled on the true end……………………………. As a die hard Touma fan I am officially furious!

      • I haven’t touched the true route (Touma’s) yet.
        Now I’m reading Koharu’s route (I like her more than Izumi and Mari). Her route is cute and heartwarming but toward the end it’s… very sad because she is caught in Haruki’s love triangle and her own one.
        Regarding the former trio, I personally like Setsuna a bit more than Touma. She doesn’t really do anything wrong but she doesn’t get the happiness she deserved in the end of Introductory Chapter. It’s so… unfair for her.

        btw, it’s a bit late but … merry Christmas, Choux. I really enjoy reading your blog. :” >

      • Aww thanks~ Merry Christmas to you too~
        I think that she did do something wrong though. She knew that the stupid protag liked Touma and not her, but she confessed to him anyway knowing that he wouldn’t turn her down. I do feel bad for her, but not nearly as much as Touma.

  3. I really don’t think Setsuna’s confession was wrong because:
    – When she confessed to Haruki, Haruki only liked Touma. It was not clear that he loved her and Touma didn’t do anything to clearly indicate that she loved him back, either. Some people even fight for their love even when they know that the one they love don’t love them, you know.
    – Setsuna loved him (we can’t blame her for that) and she had the courage to confess to him so it’s normal for her to do so, isn’t it?

    I don’t think the fact that Haruki accepted Setsuna’s confession was wrong, either. If you put ourselves in his shoe, I don’t think that you will reject her. Between the one you slightly like (as a girl, but does not know if she loves you) and the one you also like (as a friend) but loves you so much that she gathers her courage to confess to you, who will you choose?

    This is the factor that makes WA2’s story so good but so depressing. Noone really did anything wrong but things just turned out to be so… wrong and in the end they didn’t have any happiness (something like Fujibayashi Twins’ route in Clannad or Sayaka’s arc in Madoka).

    btw, I want to discuss this VN while reading it but I really can’t find any English forum to do so. My friends in my forum either just look at the artwork and drop this great VN or wait forever for an English patch. *sigh*

    • But setsuna’s motivation to confess was because she saw Touma kiss him, so she knew. Well, the scene where she sings song of destiny showed that she was more aware of the emotions between Touma and Haruki than the two of them anyway.
      Edit: Oops… Read your comment wrong.
      I agree,, it’s depressing, but it’s SO GOOD. Kyou’s arc is clannad was my favorite because of the drama and tension.
      The main reason I post about vns is to find people to talk with XD

  4. I hope you do a complete review of this game soon. The art has improved greatly from the original (since Takeshi Nakamura is no longer a bottleneck) and I’d like to know what you think of the new heroines.


  6. Someone has translated 2/4 side stories of wa2 on baka-tsuki. I’m surprised at how much Touma actually cared about Haruki even before the event in wa2!
    Check it out if you haven’t done so, choux. 😀
    p/s: I post this on my cell so I can’t give you a link.

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