Happy Lunar new year~

And as a side note: Urinetown is pretty awesome.

And as a side side note: Katawa Shoujo has its moments, but it’s mostly just ok.

And as a side side side note: If you’re still young, think twice before taking engineering in university. Lab reports suck away your life to serve to the physics gods as offerings. And the physics gods are gluttons.


10 thoughts on “Happy Lunar new year~

  1. Happy Lunar New Year to you, too. May a year of dragon bless you with good health, happiness and a lot of “lucky money” 🙂
    In my country we called it “Tet Holiday” and our traditional dish for this festival is “Banh Chung”. If you have a chance, please give it a try. :” >

    btw, what do you often eat in this festival over there, Choux? : D

    • I just googled it and it looks delicious. The amount of food eaten depends solely on where you’re celebrating. If it’s in a small town in China, it can be a week. Since I live in Canada, I’m stuck with just one meal TTATT

      • Our holiday this year lasts 9 days including normal weekend (Saturday and Sunday) but only the first three days of the year are consider the “real” festival. : D
        People having to go to foreign country to study or work during this time of the year surely have it tough. However, after a few years of studying, you’ll be back home and your holiday then will be much more wonderful with the graduation diploma and the amount of knowledge from college. Good luck with your studying, Choux. : D

    • I have only one programming course and I find it the easiest/most fun of all my courses.And als-OMG THAT PICTURE OF ELIS IN THE PENGUIN SUIT ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME WITH THE MOENESS OF IT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL?

      Anyway, hope you enjoy realimo.

      • I find my first programming course to be very fun as well. But, things only went downhill from there. 😦
        Glad to see my evil plan is working as intended. If you were to experience it yourself firsthand, the moeness is a whole ‘nother level.

        If it has imouto in it, I’ll enjoy it. There hasn’t been an exception so far.

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