Thank you, Tumblr~

Let is be fortunate or unfortunately, there are a lot of people who love shoujo manga on tumblr. Unfortunately I have a horrible habit of reading random manga and then not recording what I read. Hopefully this post can help.

One of the series I read was Dengeki Daisy, because there was a shot of the main character teasing the heroine and telling her that her neck is red. For some reason, that piqued my curiosity. Like many, many shoujo manga before it, we have a perfectly ordinary highschool girl who accidentally broke something. Then she’s stuck paying back the person that she owes. Unfortunately for her, the person she owes is the school janitor, who looks something like a 20 year old delinquent.

Well, I say that, but the above image pretty much spoils the fact that Kurosaki, the janitor, is actually cute and sweet when the situation alls for it. Of course, this eye candy isn’t the only reason to read this manga. The heroine, unlike many, many shoujo heroines before her, actually has a head on her shoulders and managed to troll the antagonists. There is also a complicated backstory involving hacking, government conspiracies, and the heroine’s dead brother, but the pacing is quite good and the humour doesn’t grow old.

Speaking of which, the mangaka had a hilarious side note where she had an argument with her editor. Basically, the mangaka wondered if it was ok to draw nipples for Kurosaki, and the editor went “eeh, it’s natural, so why not?” When the same question was asked about drawing armpit hair, the editor basically said “EVEN IF I GET MYSELF FIRED I’M GOING TO STOP YOU!”.. Oh man, that cracks me up…

Musunde Hiraite is a more pervy manga. Every chapter, focus is placed on some new character and their love lives, with the common link being that they’re in the same school. Every story is relatively stand alone, but they all serve to compliment each other. I’ll admit that the story isn’t the best, but it’s good enough, the art is GORGEOUS, and the romance is cute, so it’s worth a read if  a little fanservice doesn’t bother you.

Runway koibito is about Yui, a glamorous model as she struggles to find her place in life. Although I’ll admit that I didn’t pay much attention as I was too busy staring at all the pretty clothes. The other problem is the fact that only one volume has been scanlated so far, and while the characters have been introduced and the stage has been set, the plot has yet to get to any place interesting. Hopefully the rest of the volumes will be scanlated someday.

Iya da nante iwasenai is a cute, fluffy shoujo manga about a girl and a boy two years younger who has liked her for five years. Is it cute? Yes. Is Rei, the male lead, adorable? Yes? Does the fact that I think he’s adorable make me a bit of a pedophile? I really really hope not.

Are you Alice? is, in a word, confusing. It is also very, very pretty, mysterious, dark, and intriguing. I mean, when’s the last time that there was a male protagonist as Alice in an Alice in wonderland adaptation? Or seen murdered children? Like pretty much every other series in this post, the series is ongoing and while there is already some heartstrings being tugged (the dutchess… oh gawd the dutchess), I really want the author to stop being so stingy when it comes to revealing information…

Anyway, no matter what, no Alice in wonderland series is going to take Pandora Hearts’ place in my heart. After the complete mindfck that was chapter 65, we get treated to chapters named Jack, Lacie, Glen, and Alice. Finally, after all these years of waiting, we get to see the real identities of Jack, Glen, and the birth of Alice. The situation surrounding the tragedy of sabelier hasn’t been revealed yet, but the oodles and oodles of delicious plot twists makes me see the previous plot twists in a whole new light. How much do I want the next chapter? Just as desperately as I want the next chapter of Negima and the world god only knows. In other words, you may have distracted me with some pretty series, tumblr, but it’s not enough to make me forget how I really, really, REALLY want the next chapter of Kuroshitsuji!


3 thoughts on “Thank you, Tumblr~

  1. One of my fave things about Dengenki Daisy is the humor. I love the little side bars with the manga-ka and the questions about baldness.

    “GO BALD” <— never fails to make me laugh 🙂

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