The bad thing about shoujo manga

Is the fact that they’ll put these ADORABLE boys out there, but although it’s supposed to be a love triangle, it’s painfully obvious that this adorable, adorable boy is never going to win. Sigh…………..


13 thoughts on “The bad thing about shoujo manga

  1. I thought the problem with shoujo was how most of them SUDDENLY start to delve into the side characters’ stories more when it feels like the main characters are finally getting on track.
    Also that’s also true for girls, poor Lizbet…

  2. The side characters often deserve the girl more than the male lead…but as the rule of shoujo goes, if you don’t “save” the girl from whatever trouble she was going through, you ain’t gettin no action.

  3. Loved Strobe Edge, because this was a really hard triangle.

    In some Triangles the lead guy is usually such a d bag, that you’re constantly pissed at the shoujo lead for not going for the side guy. Such as Tonari no atashi. I want Nina to pick Miyake so bad, I really don’t think Kyousuke deserves her.

    But with Strobe Edge, I rooted for Ren, because he wasn’t a dbag and felt he was stuck in a relationship with no real feeling. He was always more alive around Nina.

    But I had to root for Ando too, because he was such a sweetie.

      • I know what you mean, I don’t think any of the people I know reading it, were rooting for him lol which makes a change.

        Yes it does 🙂

        It might look like its going somewhere that makes you want to tear your hair out, but stick with it. Trust me 😉

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