I thought that my fears had been averted

When I saw the new uniforms for DCIII, as it had seemed like they ditched their old idea of jeweled broaches, and just stuck with the DCII design. 

I also like how they traded the yellow Jacket for a white one, since keeping the yellow jacket would have looked off, what with Ricca having yellow hair and all. 

But it seems like I had spoken too soon. It seems like the uniforms will be traded for a rather unflattering blazer with that horrible, horrible broach again…. Why, circus, WHY? Why would you ever want to ditch the sailor uniform?

And also, I KNOW that it’s for recognition’s sake, but why on earth is Yuzu still wearing that bow? What kind of grown woman wears hair accessories that she’s had since she was six?

Sigh………… At least it’s nice to know what happened to Sakura. The opening is pretty~ And I’m glad to see that unlike the trial, the characters actually have more than one pose. Phew.


2 thoughts on “I thought that my fears had been averted

  1. Hey Choux, did you hear about 雾之本境, a VN made by Chinese doujin group SP-time? There are many comments claiming that it’s very similar to Umineko mystery-wise. It’s ridiculous how zealous the Chinese community is at protecting their national products, as it is absolutely impossible to find anywhere on the web >.>

    Too bad they don’t ship out of China, I would have liked to support them.

    • I don’t really hear much about the domestic games in China, but you’re right. A popular chain of thought is “well, people like us made it, and they have it hard, so we shouldn’t pirate it”.
      You can use another service, and basically get taobao to deliver to that service, which then delivers to you. I’m not too sure on the details on that front though (and the shipping fee will probably be more than the game… sigh……………)

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