Iris Zero: kinda like Hyouka on drugs, in a good way

I’ve been watching Hyouka. But, I admit that I don’t have any particular reason to watch it other than the fact that the art is pretty and Chitanda is cute. The characters are moderately interesting, I suppose, but the mysteries mostly fall short of being interesting. When I started reading Iris Zero, I thought it was going to be the same thing. I mean, both stories are about a guy who’s rather antisocial and detached is forced to solve mysteries that an overly eager/helpful girl drags him into after all.

But OH HO HO HO HO was I wrong.

It takes a few chapters, but the drama quickly overwhelms the mystery aspects of the story, which serves as an excellent backdrop to presenting a whole sleuth of twisted human interactions. While there are little breather episodes in between the longer arcs, they introduce little nuances to the story along side a great mix of comedy and romance. I don’t want to spoil anyone with a specific example, but to see society degrade perfectly normal children into twisted, manipulative individuals surrounded by oodles and oodles of drama is something to be relished.

This is one of the more light hearted scenes. I’ll let you find the murder-y and rape-y stuff on your own.

Read it with me and suffer the long agonizing wait for the next chapter!


One thought on “Iris Zero: kinda like Hyouka on drugs, in a good way

  1. What chapter is it up to now? I remember I read 4 volumes of it, first 3 volumes was pretty good but I think I recall it’s got that ‘teenagers exercising extreme sense of empathy’ problem… (theyre too wise for their age). cant remember what the 4th volume was about but it was weaker than the first three…. and then i gave up

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