So… I just finished Baldr Sky

And there are SO many things I can say about this series. The music is fantastic, the plot is intricate (not to mention addictive and long as hell), the world view is vast, the characters are likeable, the older characters are VERY likeable, the art is hit or miss but somehow turned more loli-ish as it went on…….. But I can’t go into details.

Why? Because there are battles in this game, and they have tired me out so much that I can’t move my fingers long enough to write a full post anymore.

There are so many battles in the last route. And they make you go through the last route twice JUST to unlock the 2 minute epilogue. And there are SO. MANY. BATTLES. The battles, while fun at the beginning, has traumatized me. At some point when I was fighting off a 40 strong swarm of little green robot things I realized that people who play these sort of games are insane and that after I just get through the battles I am never touching this game ever again.

tl;dr: the visual novel aspects of this game are fantastic. I hate any kind of game with fighting and I still made it through. If you don’t hate fighting and have around 80 hours to spare then for Noi’s sake PLAY THIS GAME.

18 thoughts on “So… I just finished Baldr Sky

  1. I was just about to say after reading the name of this blog post……………………………………. how on earth did you beat this game?????

  2. hey Choux. Haven’t been around here in quite a while, saw your message and visited. really cool how you’ve been persistantly updating your blog, I’ll be reading around more as I figure my way around.

    i tried making a blog of my own, but haven’t had much success since I don’t understand any CSS and Asian blogs just weren’t all that friendly to me (with Chinese hard enough to understand as it is, but those specific terms… blurgh.)

    anyways, just passing by to say hi since it’s been quite a few years.

    • Hi. I feel so flattered to know that someone has been reading for so long, but at the same time, I’m kinda ashamed at how my blogging levels have dwindled, not to mention it’s been a while and I still haven’t learned any CSS.
      I totally know how you feel about the chinese! There’s so much slang it’s nearly impossible to keep up = =

  3. I hope you realized there is a difficulty option in the settings which allow you to choose a “so ridiculously easy that you can almost never die” difficulty.

      • Oh I see. Well hopefully in the future if they ever translate baldr Sky X you now know the method to beat everything.

    • Provided you used only the missile weapons and gatling gun which made any enemy unable to touch you at any time. Basically run to a corner and spam the 2 homing missiles and then shoot the gatling gun. Works every time.

    • Yeah, I played Dive 1 and Dive 2. I actually read pretty quickly and used save files for the bad/normal endings instead of going through the game again from the beginning, so if you actually went through it the way that it was meant to the two games are easily over 100 hours when combined.

  4. Note to self: Choux dislikes grinding. Actually this isn’t even grinding, this is more like RPG battle completion (unless there’s levelling up and other power ups or money to earn?)

  5. Since you read these games with the chinese patches, it would be nice if you could answer these 3 question please.

    1. Are the Chinsese patches for the majority of Visual Novels in traditional or simplified characters.

    2. How hard is it to read the patches? As in are they using advanced words or are they just keeping it simple.

    3. I have heard a lot of bad things about the quality of translations do you agree?

    • Simplified for fan translations. Pretty much all of the official translations are traditional.
      The next two are wholly dependent on the translation groups and the story itself. For instance, Ren’ai 0km uses simpler language than Sou Akki Muramasa, but it’s difficult to pin down exactly how much of that is attributed to the original writer and how much to the translator. It’s also difficult to judge the actual quality of translations without actually being able to read Japanese, but pretty much everyone will go through testing and editing and I haven’t seen something with really bad quality control. With vns like Sou Akki Muramasa, the translation uses a lot of archaic language and polite language. While it should be less specific than the Japanese, I’m 100% sure more of the prose is preserved through Chinese and Japanese, a sentiment which I also extend to many other games and anime subs.
      TL;DR: Depends on what you want. Try some out yourself.

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