Naruto Ch 599 – The reveal of the worst secret ever!

Yeah I know, its been forever since I posted something about Naruto. Its not that I haven’t been reading it, but really what is there to post. Ninja war yada, yada, yada. Sasuke and Itachi meet up, Itachi dies again, Sasuke learns nothing from it yada, yada, yada.

But I figured I had to post something about this because, well, is there anyone who hadn’t figured this out back when we were told his name was Tobi? Madara/Tobi is Obito! Worst kept secret EVER!

2 thoughts on “Naruto Ch 599 – The reveal of the worst secret ever!

  1. I disregarded that possibilty because because he was CRUSHED BY A BOULDER. Then they had a funeral with his BODY. They better have the best explanation for this or it would be as bad as the resurrection of Norman Osborn.

    • Yeah I really can’t wait to hear Kishimoto’s explanation for this one either! Considering he gave Kakashi his eye, looked like Obito really thought he was going to die.

      Unless it was all some elaborate trick he had up his sleeve from the start. Who knows.

      What’s he going to do next, bring back Jiraiya?

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