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Although this blog was created purposely for the All Girls Round Robin, we have decided to bring a whole new perspective, our perspective, into the blogosphere. Thus, transcending from only writing in the R-R, we continue to blog on things we want others to know. So where does “Calamitous Intent” come from?

From your lovely admins/authors. And contrary to what you may think, we don’t always have “calamitous intent”. Let the gondoliers guide you through:

Name(s): Hoshi, -hoshi-

Contact: You can use the contact form on this blog, find me at MAL


Hullo. I’m your 19 year old resident blogger from California/Georgia. I write both because I reside in California for the summer, and return to Georgia for most of the school year. If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to say so, cause I love hanging out~ And even if you’re lurking around reading this, drop me or the others a comment. We love having people read what we’ve written.. I have no problem explaining things about myself, but for some reason, I can’t really fill this part out…

Currently Blogging: Kuroshitsuji, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Casshern Sins, Tales of the Abyss (?), D. Gray-man Manga (?)


Name(s): Sakura, -D.J-

Contact: Through the blog or MAL


Notoriously lazy, not always fully understandable at times, but usually passionate about my subject matter.  Particularly if it involves MECHA , the supernatural or happens to be shounen in nature. (Though I am a closet lover of Shoujo!) 😉

Currently Blogging: Naruto (manga) and whatever the hell random crap just leaks from my wacky mind.


Name(s): Choux, chocolate-choux, and a bunch of other stuff on various forums

Contact: chocolatechoux at yahoo.ca


Hello from Canada! Well, Vancouver, to be precise. No, I don’t live in an igloo, and the temperature isn’t that cold here either. I think that I have some artistic talent and a good sense of humor, now if you don’t agree with me you can just keep that to yourself (you don’t want to ruin a young girl’s dreams now, do you?). I’m extremely lazy, particularly when it comes to taking care of the giant list of shows to watch and games to play (my worst record was 4 years for 1 series). My posts are generally stranger than that of anyone else, and whatever I’m writing, chances are it’s in point form (EVERYONE loves point form, right?).

Currently blogging: Random  stuff, art stuff, manga stuff, visual novel stuff, music stuff, food stuff, and funny stuff!(I HOPE it’s funny).


Name: bassment


 Hi all! I’m 20, currently majoring in Linguistics in NUS. My infrequent posting doesn’t mean I’m lazy, it just means that I’m easily distracted. And when I am- distracted by life in general- blogging simply gets send to the bottom of my to-do list ^^;;

Okay, have planned to keep this short and sweet, (we don’t want this turn out into a tl;dr) so am signing off now~~

Currently blogging: Anything that entertains me enough to want to write ^^;;



33 thoughts on “About your Authors

  1. This is a beautiful blog that you girls have concocted. I’m very impressed. Beyond the R-R, I would like to welcome you girls to the blogosphere. I hope you all will fill this baby with amazing things in the future. Cheers to a new legacy in the making~

  2. With all four of you making your introduction posts, I honestly could not decide which one to comment on. This should be a good place as any! (:

    The dark theme is nice, I like the halloween-ish feel to it. ^^ Looking forward to what you four can do!

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  5. I found the blog because Choux left a message on one of my entries. It looks amazing, would you like to trade links for blogroll?

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  7. your site is very interesting…. I’m also an ,anime, blogger and like to exchange links if it’s OK. thanks…

    I’ll come back soon as I get some entry, information, to link with you guys, see you..

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  9. Hi there!

    Your blog is very interesting. Also, it seems hard for me to find female bloggers about anime these days. Most I’ve viewed so far were male. [Well, at least that’s the handful, if not handful, 2 handfuls of blogs I’ve seen so far, compared to the thousands out there. ] Anyways, keep on blogging!


  10. just thought i’d pop in here and say hi ladies 🙂 i really enjoy your blogs 🙂 i’m new myself, but it’s nice to see more females in the anime blogosphere

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  12. Oho, a fellow vancouverite~! Guess I shouldn’t be surprised since the city is essentially a miniature version of Asia heh.

    Found your site browsing reviews and thought I’d drop a line :D. + props for blogging VN’s!

    Lemme know if anyone wants to hang out/chat in van lol.

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