Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of misogyny

So apparently is okay for Catwoman and Batman to have sex, but not in the way that it was written, because seeing her for so many panels in a state of undress without seeing her head is misogynistic…

I’ve been reading all the fuss about the DC 52 comic relaunch with some bemusement.  I realized that if some of the women posting about just how misogynistic comics are becoming were to read some of the manga that is out there, well, I’m sure they’d be choking on their own vomit they’d be so disgusted. Continue reading

Kimi ni Todoke – Confession Time!

So the latest chapter of Kimi ni Todoke illustrates so well just why I love it so much. While the story revolves around Kazehaya and Sawako, those that surround them aren’t just background characters who don’t matter at all.

I found myself anticipating this confession just as much as I had been dying to see Kazehaya finally confess to Sawako. Continue reading