Poor Kazehaya

Though I have to admit he and Sawako are so damn adorable, I’d probably want to tease them both myself.

Oh and just in case you were wondering what he’s probably picturing right now…

Bwahahahahaha I just love this manga and after reading the absorbing, but pretty depressing Let Dai, I needed this dose of lighthearted, sweet natured fun.

It’s not on purpose

For some reason she looks better the smaller she is...

She didn’t turn out like this on purpose. See, I wanted to draw Sawako in her new years outfit (it was SO cute). BUT, that poncho was too complicated (and I didn’t like it THAT much anyway) so she turned out like this. I also have no idea why her hair’s not straight, or why she doesn’t look like Sawako at all.

A while ago, I noticed that, usually, the more finished a person’s art looks, the better their rough drafts look in comparison. Therefore I’m not going to bother with cleaning lines anymore.

Also…SOB…Kimi ni todoke’s over…I love that series…there needs to be a second season…no matter what happens, the live action movie’s Kazehaya will never be as cute…

Nakameguro-kun and harems.

Ah……So much MOE…So, Seitokai no Ichizon ended a month ago, and because of various things I only finished it just now. The ending didn’t do much for me (DON’T JUST GIVE US HINTS OF PLOT AND END THE SERIES, DAMN IT!), but Nakameguro-kun showed up, so it was all good.

But you know what? This series has made me seriously think about the concept of harems. The first harem I ever saw was probably Da capo through an AMV (man, that was a LONG time ago). Seeing the girls pop up left and right in a romantic atmosphere like that made me wonder just how many series the AMV had, since a romantic story can’t possibly involve so many girls and just that one guy (yes, yes, I was ignorant of the ways of the world back then).

What’s a harem anyway? Would THIS count as a harem? Usually, a male character can have a harem even without having romantic relationships with all the girls, right? Wouldn’t that mean that any guy with some female friends would have a harem (that’d be a LOT of harems)? I’m sure that reverse traps count in harems (like in Da capo), but what about normal traps? Scratch that, does bromance count? Can you say that there’s a sizable harem in Full Metal Alchemist? Would eroge leads have harems, even though the vast majority of them are forced to go down the path of a single girl? What about Clannad? In the game he barely interacts with the girls before settling down with one of them, so does he still have a harem? Would you say that Naruto has a harem?

Hmm…Deep questions to ponder on as you gaze into Nakameguro-kun’s sparkly eyes…

P.S.: Was that last scene a parody of Byousoku 5cm?


vlcsnap-52161First of all: The quality is actually going down…WAAAAAAAAAH! Look at that! Look at that Kazehaya! Yes, that’s supposed to be Kazehaya! What happened to my adorable Kazehaya? I don’t want this fish-eye-ed stranger!

vlcsnap-63979Secondly: I have been playing too many eroges. That line…THAT LINE…it’s just…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I couldn’t absorb how cute Ryu was with the whole sulking thing at all!

vlcsnap-65953Seriously, WHAT’S WITH THAT!?!?


Thirdly, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Why is this rumur thing STILL going on? And at the worst timing too. I’m sure that there are better things for high school girls to do other than spread rumurs about people that no one really knows. I was really hoping for this to be resolved by now, and the fact that it hasn’t is making me feel so FRUSTRATED I could kick a puppy.

I’m just waiting for the next episode now (believe it or not, some stuff came up and I haven’t watch any other series past episode 2! …must…catch…up…) .

Kimi ni Todoke 3: Moe bomb


Waaa…It’s really had luck that this series airs on Tuesdays. If I can’t watch it on Wednesday then I can’t get to it until late Friday…

And today was REALLY late because one of my best friends just celebrated her birthday and a bunch of stuff happened (including me meeting the only other person I had ever met that likes both Miku and F/SN and almost buying chocolate body paint for her, my friend, not the miku fan, that was a guy). And then  I talked about the chocolate body paint, causing a friend of my friend to blush like a tomato with Kazehaya type moeneses. A good sign that there are still too pure pure boys in this world. Thankfully. There are too many stupid racist narcissistic egoistical boys who have tunnel vision,think they can act older than they really are, and has brains filled with porn in this world.

That was post-related, right? Continue reading

Kimi ni todoke 2


Best show of the season and perfection in itself. I can’t believe I’m so late in watching this episode!

I was SO hoping for a romantic summer, but I guess that would make things too easy. The series can’t continue once they start a romantic relationship, after all.

I thought the puppy bit was absolutely adorable (my puppy’s like that, except he has some brown fur and he’s a bit bigger, but he’s every bit as adorable). But NOTHING beats Kazehaya going around in circles about how Sawako thinks about him. When he was curled up on his desk… it’s… just… awwwww

I really felt sorry for Sawako, being avoided by everyone. And it was just TOO cute seeing Kazehaya moving next to her and saying how lucky he is. Seriously, if there was a cuteness meter for stupid couples, the meter would break measuring Kimi ni todoke.

There are 2 new characters introduced in this episode. Ryu is the slient and weird guy (he reminds me of SOMEONE, but I can’t quite put my finger on it), and a girl with curly hair, who’s obviously going to be a love rival turned friend. I can’t say anything more about this episode because it was too good and I have nothing to say (I’m only good at picking the bad things). But I’m going to go all out for the next episode. This series has awakened my inner fluffy fangirl, and she’s not about to go away any time soon.