Toradora twenty-four

vlcsnap-142997Ever since the very beginning, I’ve been wondering about why Minorin has so many part time jobs. I kept thinking that it would be something long and complicated, but saving up for her dream is really very simple, isn’t it?


Now that Ryuugi has proposed, the love triangle is finally resolved. However, as much as I loved the confession scene and how everyone’s trying to help the lovers elope, I can’t help but feel like it’s wrong. Everything was done on the spur of the moment, and neither Ryuugi or Taiga has real plans about what they are going to do. How can they expect to have a future like this?

Ah, there’s thunder outside, I’d better stop writing (Is the weather trying to stop me from writing negative thoughts?)

Did that just happen?

I can’t believe it, I actually had to pause the episode, run out of the room, and  get tissues. The only other anime that actually got me to do this was Air, and that was a looooong time ago.

vlcsnap-29313The 16th episode was absolutely amazing. (No wonder the subbers said that you’d need antidepressants after this episode)

It’s hard to fangirl over anything

I remember the good old days, when I was 12 and falling in love with gundam seed (not your average fangirl, I know). Liking a series was so easy back then. Now, I’ll like series, but I won’t go into a fangirling frenzy that easily.

Then I watched the second episode of Tora Dora.

The first time I watched the first episode, I stopped it after the drunk mother showed up, thinking that I wouldn’t like it. Later, at the recommendations of a friend (that’s you, Alice-hime!) and half the blogosphere, I watched the entire first episode and thought it was okay.

vlcsnap-53459But the second episode had me squealing. Actually squealing. It was just SO CUTE! Ever since Zero no tsukaima I’ve had this thing against tsunderes who are physically abusive, but for some reason the chemistry between Taiga and Ryuugi was fantastic and very refreshing.

P.S. : Kitamura reminds me of every single eroge lead I’ve ever seen… for some odd reason…

Toradora 6 – True Self


Kawashima thinks the girls in this school might be a bit too friendly.

I must say even though she didn’t seem all that likeable last episode I’m really enjoying the addition of Kawashima to the group. The cat fighting between Taiga and herself is very entertaining and even if they aren’t the best of friends right now, she’s one more person with whom Taiga can be herself around. Seeing as how Ami doesn’t judge her and the antagonistic relationship also helps to bring out Ami’s true self. Continue reading

tora dora 5


Aww she’s so cute

So Yasuko gets all pouty and upset when she thinks she wouldn’t be getting a rice omelet. Ryujii pacifies her by letting her know not only does she have one but he did indeed write her name on it in ketchup.

But really its Taiga we have to feel sorry for this episode. She already has so much trouble getting to the love of her life and now she has to deal with that dreaded plot bunny:


Continue reading

tora dora 4


Admit it, your room looks like this too.

The previous episode focused on Ryuji and his love for Minori. This time round sees a shift to Taiga and her adoration of Kitamura. For some reason I just didn’t find her antics as cute as Ryuji’s were last episode, but we do get to find out just how she fell for Kitamura Yusuke in the first place. Continue reading