tora dora 3 – your song


Inko-chan demonstrates the state of Ryuji’s brain when he thinks of Minori

So I’m not entirely sure what I find the most cute in this episode. Minori is just so chock full of boundless energy and enthusiasm its hard not to get swept up along with her. Ryuji is adorable, whenever he’s thinking of Minori or whenever he’s around her. And Taiga’s cuteness level seems to be proportional to how mad she can get when Ryuji can’t stop prattling on about his adoration of Minori. Continue reading

Toradora Episode 2 – Ryuji and Taiga

Sure its cute. Just remember the rules, don’t get it wet and don’t feed it after midnight!

Remember no good deed goes unpunished a fact someone should probably have made poor Ryuji aware of when he first fed Taiga. If he had known then that he’d be seeing her for breakfast, making her lunch and then seeing her again for dinner. Well he might not have been so generous with his culinary offerings. Continue reading


Unfortunately Ryuji got his looks from his father.

Ryuji Takasu lives with his F-cup, childish hostess worker of a mother. While she supports their family of two, she isn’t really good for things like taking care of her son or the house.
Poor Ryuji also through the blessed wonder of genetics gained the scary eyes of his gangsta father. Its okay Ryuji I feel your pain I got my dad’s weak teeth which is why I had to spend $300 getting a crown put in but enough about me. Continue reading