Random artists from my pixiv folder

I have a pixiv folder in my bookmarks, and unfortunately, it is expanding at a rate which is simply unreasonable. Well, let’s see what’s inside my little folder~ First up…

…Oh my Madoka… Asakura Masatoki‘s backgrounds never cease to amaze me. It’s not too busy, it’s not too simple. It’s drawn and blended JUST RIGHT.

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Everytime I see some kind of food like this, I sigh, because I feel worry for the people who eat this. I know that I would never steel my nerves enough to eat something that’s so adorable…


Kinda reminds me of this delicious piece by kokudou juunigou (I hope that none of you are thinking about eating the girls!

I just wanted to find a good wallpaper

When I stumbled across this GORGEOUS rendition of Gumi. Ok. It wasn’t this EXACT picture, but a cropped wallpaper sized thing on Konachan, but anyway, I was DETERMINED to fine the artist to this picture. Of course, I started looking with the cropped version first, which brought up no answers. But eventually I was able to find the original image and track down the artist: Tibino (pixiv). <-major hetalia fan, btw.

Turns out this, one of the few completely color/completed images that Tobino has created was made for a song named “dramatic re:birth”. It’s not that good of a song, and Gumi was tuned pretty badly, which is a bit of a waste.

Now, why am I typing all this? Why, of course, so I’d have something which is close enough to substantial to go with the picture. That, and also because I want to ramble for a bit. I miss blogging.

On a related note. I LOVE this kind of coloring. Simple, but SO effective.

On a semi-related note, I dropped Hanasaku Iroha.

On a completely unrelated note, I got handed-me-down-ed an iTouch. Are there any useful/weird apps that any readers would like to recommend?

The H-word, again

A long time ago, I discovered Aria, then Honey and Clover. I loved both of these series, but I always held myself back from completing them in their entirety. Why? Because the moment that I completed them, it would mean that they are over, and I can never go back to the time when I had more chapter to read again. Now, as I sit at my desk, with my university acceptance letters near me, and the complete works of Aria and Honey and Clover in front of me, I have decided that it is the time to stop procrastinating. Life is continuing, and I should finish the things that I have been meaning to do.

Now, with a month left before final exams, I am going to take a hiatus from this blog. It might be for forever, and it might not be (at least, I hope not). In case I don’t come back, thanks for everyone’s support all this time! Apparantely, people had read my ramblings 580,166 times, and that’s something I never expected (really). I’ll still be stalking a few of you through blogs, so… See ya!

P.S.: The picture is a preview of a CG from Sepia Tears. Production is kind of close-ish to wrapping up now, so please support it when it comes out!

P.P.S.: Seriously. It’ll be free and it’s awesome. REALLY AWESOME.

Choux’s guide (not really) to seifuku

Ah, the Japanese school uniform. Since the 19th century, they have been spreading, and now they are a staple part of school life, not to mention various kinds of eye candy. Bakemonogatari has helped me discover my love for school uniforms, so here I am, presenting an image dump disguised as an informative post on school uniforms in anime, manga, and eroge. Of course, these will all be female uniforms. You have to admit, the male uniforms are all kind of boring (I don’t like gakuran much, and all non-ugly blazers look alike). There are two main categories in the school uniform. The first is the sailor fuku, and the second  is the blazer. In some series, particularly in eroge, they really push the envelope in insanely ridiculous outfits. But I’ll get to that later. Now, let’s start with realistic looking sailor fukus. This piece is by Kishida Mel, for the anime Hanasaku Iroha.  Continue reading

Art post: Tan

Generally, I post about artists that are more polished and finished, but for some reason, Tan (pixiv), who almost never finishes her drawings, really speaks to me. There aren’t any astonishingly creative scenes, nor highly detailed backgrounds, or any major technical feat. Instead, there is only the very essence of an emotion, created then captured.

These drawings aren’t as finished as they could be, but she considers them to be complete at this point. All there is is a feeling and the artist’s approval. and that’s really enough.  Continue reading

A random art post

Occationally, I see an artist that I really like. Then, I keep the page on my tabs so that I would remember to post about it later. Eventually, the tabs reach critical mass, and I get the urge to post something like this. 

Let’s face it, by now, most of us has seen so much touhou fanart that everything just melds into one big huge touhou-y mess.This is why I greatly treasure the few pieces of touhou art that still make me go “wow”. I really like Kirero (pixiv) because of the wonderful color schemes, and unlike most of his/her pieces, this maintains a good use of white, which stops it from being too busy.  Continue reading