The H-word, again

A long time ago, I discovered Aria, then Honey and Clover. I loved both of these series, but I always held myself back from completing them in their entirety. Why? Because the moment that I completed them, it would mean that they are over, and I can never go back to the time when I had more chapter to read again. Now, as I sit at my desk, with my university acceptance letters near me, and the complete works of Aria and Honey and Clover in front of me, I have decided that it is the time to stop procrastinating. Life is continuing, and I should finish the things that I have been meaning to do.

Now, with a month left before final exams, I am going to take a hiatus from this blog. It might be for forever, and it might not be (at least, I hope not). In case I don’t come back, thanks for everyone’s support all this time! Apparantely, people had read my ramblings 580,166 times, and that’s something I never expected (really). I’ll still be stalking a few of you through blogs, so… See ya!

P.S.: The picture is a preview of a CG from Sepia Tears. Production is kind of close-ish to wrapping up now, so please support it when it comes out!

P.P.S.: Seriously. It’ll be free and it’s awesome. REALLY AWESOME.


Err…school seems to take up more time that I remembered, so…yeah. The above, when finished, will be the award for the contest 2 weeks ago.

Umineko is getting ported to the PS3, that’s a bit sad because it can’t be cracked and seeing CGs and whatnot will be a pain (I’m still waiting for that CG pack for White album!) The op song is nice though, even if the graphics/video aren’t that great (why aren’t they hiring those fan animators who can do something better for cheaper? Wait, don’t answer that)

I’ve finished the kuudere (Aoi) route in Hoshizora no memoria. It was…OKAY (I heard that it’s one of the weaker paths though). Basically, most of the path is trying to get her to be dere (not that interesting), then she’s completely dere in a second, gets mad at Chinami (the twin tailed one), leading the protagonist to avoid her a little for a few days, which is when she goes through that whole “OMG HE DOESN’T LOVE ME ANYMORE LIFE HAS NO MEANING” thing. Turns out she got her kuu because she moved, which makes me want to slap some sense into her and tell her to suck it up and move on. I went through 6 schools and 3 languages in 7 years and I don’t tell everyone to go and die. Sheesh. It’s interesting though. At the beginning, Chinami was the loud and annoying one, and Aoi was the one with common sense, but the roles switched (Aoi’s seiyuu is much too squeaky when she’s emotional). Chinami was really wonderful at the end, and I’m really curious for her path now.

Another thing is that I’ve started on Yosuga no sora (trying to finish it and write a review before the anime comes out, completely futile, I know). It’s nice, and the BGM and BGs are really, really wonderful in comparison to Hoshizora no memoria. This girl makes me cringe though. That expression looks like a Yandere about to snap. Seriously.

On a non-related note, while I haven’t spent much time on the computer, I have been watching quite a few documentaries. If anyone’s interested in the film industry in Nigeria, Nollywood Babylon is very interesting.

5 kinds of surprises

This is just me and my weird brain, but I’ve found that, when looking at game art, there are usually 5 kinds of situations where I’m surprised at an artist’s work. Of course, seeing an artist for the first time is always somewhat surprising, but I’m going to focus on artists that I already know about for this. BTW this was written late at night and I hold no responsibilities for anything bad that happens.

The 5 main situations are as follows:

1) Complete change

2) Company makes all the difference


4)  Going back in time

5) It’s personal. Continue reading

Such a pain…

So, Pixiv is hosting an event as a joint colab with some other people to promote Black Rock shooter. Non-professional members of Pixiv (that is, one that isn’t working for a company, doujin circles don’t count) are invited to make Black Rock shooter in hopes of being published in (yet another) BRS book, along with other prizes like figurines and books, etc etc.

Having obtained a Pixiv account some time ago, I thought that I should enter the contest too, for fun and the prizes. That is, until I realized I do not have time to actually finish what I want to draw. I literally have 2 days where I can actually draw for an extended period of time, one of which is today. It’s times like this that I realize how much of a pain it is to be an overachieving Asian with parents who place too much emphasis on “family time”. Another thing is that I’m not sure if I can actually get anywhere. I mean, I like the top image, but the whole mirror thing is so cliched. As for the hug one, I have no idea what to do for the background…

Anyway, no matter how I end up doing, I am glad that there is such a contest, because it is encouraging the creation of a tone of BRS art. Most of them are, well, pretty awful, and a lot of them just aren’t interesting due to the sheer volume of BRS art out there. BUT, there are some that just stand out like nothing else. My favorite entry happens to be the above image, by 恨み, who is an incredibly talented Chinese artist (I seem to have a knack for finding good Chinese artists lately). If he ends up not winning anything, I’m flying over to Japan and punching the judges in the face.

Edit: Ah, screw it, I’m drawing!

Just because

I have no idea why I’m posting this here.

I’ve been wanting to really draw something for this character for a REALLY lone time, ever since I first drew her an eternity ago. She’s stuck in a world where time isn’t progressing, so everything reverts back to its original condition whenever she tries to do anything. That includes herself, although she’s the only one conscious. Objects that doesn’t have much emotions involved revert back slower, which is why she managed to get a room full of murder weapons. For instance, if she took a wedding ring from the hands of a guy about to propose, it would go back in half a second. But if she moved a garbage bag, it wouldn’t go back for a long time.

This is a bit morbid, isn’t it? Hmm…