Here at CI, we CARE about your health

And you know what they say~ Laughter is the best medicine! So, in order to improve the overall health of this world, I present to you this video, which has incited much laughter from me. Haha.

Now, as many of you know, MOE is the best medicine. For most of you, it’s better than laughter. So, I present, 明 (mei?), an artist on pixiv who has successfully created what I deem as my favorite Homura fanart. Yes, the show is awesome (did you REALLY think that I’d pass something up by Gen Urobuchi? because I wouldn’t, I really, really wouldn’t).

And lastly, for those of you who want moe in a different form, *coughtrap*cough a patch for Koitate has been released~ Unfortunately, it only contains one path, which happens to be the ojou-sama. Yes, I know that they are ALL ojous, but this one is the blonde girl who’s oozing ojou-sama aura from her every pore. I’m not a big fan of the artist (I mean, the lines are fine, I just don’t like that cold style of coloring), but I’ll be checking it out anyway.

Let everyone have good health in this new year. And happy discovery of Pluto day. You have been demoted from a planet, but you will always be in our hearts.

A few seemingly random thoughts

1) Fruits basket is awesome.

2) I KNEW IT! There has been quite a few interesting releases during the Christmas/New year period. On the english side, there has been a translation of the Flyable hearts trial (nice nice), Umineko ep 7 (I’ve been hearing some bad things about ep8, but I don’t play it for the mystery, so I think I’m good), G-senjou (of course), and Da capo II (which I liked, especially because of Anzu-sama). On the Chinese side, there was (finally) the complete release of Haruka no Sora (which I’m pretty hesitant about) and *drumroll please… KARA NO SHOUJO! Me being the Innocent Grey fan girl that I am, I immediately started playing it.

Update: I guess I spoke too soon. There’s also a new patch out for Fate/HA (I am seriously impressed that they actually translated the mini games).

3) Having Period (English partial patch) and Kara no Shoujo (Chinese complete patch) side by side is…very, very different. Yes. Their only similarity (aside from the fact that they’re both visual novels with schoolgirl heroines) is that they both have very high production values.

4) Stars are awesome.

5) Looking back at some of my older posts, I really admire my younger self for being able to put so many hours into playing eroge.

6) Falling asleep on carpet is not a bad idea once in a while.

7) I am shocked that the English translation scene is more active than the Chinese one right now. Granted, all of the English releases aside from Period has been completely translated into Chinese already, but I’m sensing a serious lack of love here.

8) I now suddenly have an urge to spend a few hundred dollars on artbooks.

9) WordPress turned by 8 ) into an emoticon…orz

10) Keg is awesome. I think I might have a new favorite artist.

Happy new year!

It’s not the lunar new year yet, so posting pictures of bunnies isn’t perfectly fitting, but I can’t help it since they’re so adorable~ (Pixiv)

Anyway, this has been a long and also very interesting year (I kind of wish I kept a journal that I can flip back on to see what exactly happened). So, I hope that everyone can reflect on the good things that happened, and I wish that everyone can have a bunniful new year! (bountiful, bunniful, get it? Get it? Maybe I should say “hoppy new year too”… wait, that’s just lame orz)

This beautiful world

There are three kinds of art that appeals to me. First, there is those which are technically skilled, where the artists proudly flaunt their abilities. Then, there are those with humans, where the artist bewitches the image to make the viewers charmed. Lastly, there are images with an atmosphere which draws one in and does not let go. 幻电放映 is an artist who has the ability to create a fantastic atmosphere.

I see one of these pieces. I sigh. And I love it, because images like this tells me that the world is still beautiful.

…I knew this was coming, but…

I didn’t think I’d dislike the art of DC III so much. Tanihara Natsuki’s art has gotten less and less appealing to me since DC II (in my mind, this is the epitome), and this is especially bad because it breaks one of my rules: NEVER put a jeweled broach, especially with contrasting colors, on ANYONE. The new uniform itself isn’t bad though, and it’ll be great if the story can be better than DC II. I wonder how far into the future this one is set in…