Naruto Ch 599 – The reveal of the worst secret ever!

Yeah I know, its been forever since I posted something about Naruto. Its not that I haven’t been reading it, but really what is there to post. Ninja war yada, yada, yada. Sasuke and Itachi meet up, Itachi dies again, Sasuke learns nothing from it yada, yada, yada.

But I figured I had to post something about this because, well, is there anyone who hadn’t figured this out back when we were told his name was Tobi? Madara/Tobi is Obito! Worst kept secret EVER!

Death by moegasm

Inu x Boku SS is cute. Reeeeeeeeeeeally cute. Karuta brings moegams, Ririchiyo is just hhnnnnnnnnnnnng, and the cutesy fluffy romance sprinkled in between the comedy is just tooth-rottingly sweet. But Soushi is just delicious. From his normal look, to his casual sweater with glasses look, to his shouta look, to his smiling and sadistic 天然黑 tendencies… Ohohoho I can’t remember the last time I liked a male character this much. My only complaint is that the anime ended before the meat of the plot set in. What a waste…


Iris Zero: kinda like Hyouka on drugs, in a good way

I’ve been watching Hyouka. But, I admit that I don’t have any particular reason to watch it other than the fact that the art is pretty and Chitanda is cute. The characters are moderately interesting, I suppose, but the mysteries mostly fall short of being interesting. When I started reading Iris Zero, I thought it was going to be the same thing. I mean, both stories are about a guy who’s rather antisocial and detached is forced to solve mysteries that an overly eager/helpful girl drags him into after all.

But OH HO HO HO HO was I wrong.

It takes a few chapters, but the drama quickly overwhelms the mystery aspects of the story, which serves as an excellent backdrop to presenting a whole sleuth of twisted human interactions. While there are little breather episodes in between the longer arcs, they introduce little nuances to the story along side a great mix of comedy and romance. I don’t want to spoil anyone with a specific example, but to see society degrade perfectly normal children into twisted, manipulative individuals surrounded by oodles and oodles of drama is something to be relished.

This is one of the more light hearted scenes. I’ll let you find the murder-y and rape-y stuff on your own.

Read it with me and suffer the long agonizing wait for the next chapter!

Thank you, Tumblr~

Let is be fortunate or unfortunately, there are a lot of people who love shoujo manga on tumblr. Unfortunately I have a horrible habit of reading random manga and then not recording what I read. Hopefully this post can help.

One of the series I read was Dengeki Daisy, because there was a shot of the main character teasing the heroine and telling her that her neck is red. For some reason, that piqued my curiosity. Like many, many shoujo manga before it, we have a perfectly ordinary highschool girl who accidentally broke something. Then she’s stuck paying back the person that she owes. Unfortunately for her, the person she owes is the school janitor, who looks something like a 20 year old delinquent.

Well, I say that, but the above image pretty much spoils the fact that Kurosaki, the janitor, is actually cute and sweet when the situation alls for it. Of course, this eye candy isn’t the only reason to read this manga. The heroine, unlike many, many shoujo heroines before her, actually has a head on her shoulders and managed to troll the antagonists. There is also a complicated backstory involving hacking, government conspiracies, and the heroine’s dead brother, but the pacing is quite good and the humour doesn’t grow old.

Speaking of which, the mangaka had a hilarious side note where she had an argument with her editor. Basically, the mangaka wondered if it was ok to draw nipples for Kurosaki, and the editor went “eeh, it’s natural, so why not?” When the same question was asked about drawing armpit hair, the editor basically said “EVEN IF I GET MYSELF FIRED I’M GOING TO STOP YOU!”.. Oh man, that cracks me up… Continue reading

One comment on Kuroshitsuji 65

…Thank you, captain obvious.

Really. That’s it. That’s all I have to say about the chapter. This arc has been pretty weird in both subject matter and development (except for Elizabeth, who was awesome), and it seems like pretty much nothing happened expect a hint at what the next part of the story will lead to. Hopefully, there will be a chapter that will cast some new light in the situation. If not, I hope the next arc will be a bit better…

Hiyorin Is AWESOME!!

Usually I can’t stand the painfully shy type of girl that Hiyorin is. I just read it and want to yell at the screen, EFFING TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL! Perhaps because they remind me too much of myself.

So when our heroine, finally digs deep to pluck up the courage it makes me insanely happy! And I have to applaud her courage, since I never really had that kind of courage myself. Hubs will tell you I’m a loud mouthed princess who has no trouble telling you what I want now, but it took many years for me to become that way 😉 Continue reading

New Kenshin manga!

According to ANN.

Nobuhiro Watsuki will put his current manga on hold and in June, Jump Square will feature a new Kenshin manga.

The translation talks about it as something of a ‘reboot’ what that means I’m not quite sure. I love Kenshin, I mean I really do, its one of my fave manga/animes of all time, so I’m all for more Kenshin.

But even I’m not sure whether to be happy about this or not. I mean the manga had a pretty conclusive ending, so what is the point of going back and redoing that?

I’d be really upset for instance, if the ending to the manga got changed up. As far as I knew Watsuki was happy with that ending, in fact I’d read it was his preferred ending and that he, like most of us, did not agree with the depressing OVA.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting to see what this whole Kenshin ‘reboot’ means. Rurouni Kenshin Brotherhood?