It’s over…


And that just feels bittersweet.

Grr…it just isn’t as happy and fluffy as I hoped it would be. It’s just…Grah! I can’t describe why it feels so weird! The whole thing feels too short, and I really feel empty knowing that everyone from the warped time are now dead. This is really like Higurashi, although Higurashi tried harder at making you feel better about everyone dying miserably.

But, somehow, page 13 makes me feel like everything was worth it.

Although I’m sure that I’m going to hurt someone if there isn’t some after story.

Nonononononono, you can’t do this to me!



……the series ends in the next chapter, which is going to be extra long and has color pages. I can’t wait for it, but I also don’t want it to be over! And the new Watanuki creeps me out, seriously. The first page of chapter 186 is almost the same as the first page of chapter 1, so I’m sure that it’s also going to end very, very soon. It’s going to feel so empty without that happy feeling of checking for Clamp’s newest work every week…

By the way, Aoishiro (visual novel with an all girl cast, yes, ALL. Not kind of all like Otoboku, the main character is a real girl, not a trap) is out with a full translation. I’m probably not going to bother with it because I have too much in my backlog already and I’m sick and feeling unmotivated (please don’t let it be swine flu….)



That was just absolutely satisfying. Everything, EVERYTHING, is okay now. All this time, all that pain, everything that ever happened is worth it, because that only makes this moment sweeter. Prepare yourself, play your favorite song from tsubasa, or any song that tells of a long awaited reunion. Then, go and read the 222nd chapter of Tsubasa resvoir chronicles.

What can I say? These 2 are my favorite paring, the two lovers that I support more than anyone else. Even when looking at this scene, you know that they will have to go through much more before they can truly be happy, that they will still have to pay the price, endure the long and painful suffering, unable to do anything to help their non-blood-related son. But you know what? They are strong. They will survive. They will love each other, no matter what happens.

Clamp is going on a break again, and I don’t even care. That’s how happy this chapter made me.

Tsubasa 221


*dies in a puddle of fangirl joy.

The 2 clones are together! They will be  reborn, and won’t meet each other again for a while, but you KNOW that they’ll be together! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! HAHA! Everything is explained, and the background of CCS was explained too! Clow didn’t die in CCS world, instead he went to CSakura’s world to replace her father, killed by the warp. When he died, he left his magic to DadShaoran. No, wait, when Eriol died he left his magic, no, wait, when Eriol AND Fujitaka died, no, wait. Arg, I’m too happy to think straight.

Akabri soft2’s games  are just too addicting. Tsubasa and FMA are the only things that can pull mye out of it. Don’t expect anything until I’m finished Devil on G-string and Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo.

*Watche Tsubasa Shunraiki 2.


*returns to being a happy melted puddle.



THANK YOU CLAMP!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your brain isn’t registering the information yet, read this: In chapter 219 of Tsubasa, we find out that clone Sakura is still alive! I’m just so happy right now. It seems that Yuuko isn’t dead either, as she’s there with CSakura and and CShaoran, telling him to choose. Ack, we won’t know what the choice is until next week! I really can’t handle reading Tsubasa on a weekly basis.

The last couple of chapters were very confusing, not only with the large amount of fighting but also with the 2 Shaorans and the 2 Sakuras. It seems that Shaoran’s parents aren’t CCS’s protagonists afterall, so now there are 4 Sakuras and 4 Shaorans in the works, all identical, all with different intentions and ablilties, all with some sort of connetion to Clow. I’m so confused, if only Eriol would come and cleanly explain everything…