Really shiny. And really awesome.

Ah… It’s so nice to watch a bit of animation with a sky high budget. Oh yes… Supercell is already at a godly level in my books, but this one elevates whoever did this video to that level too. If Miwa Shirow actually drew this, I would release small rectangular blocks typically made of fired or sun-dried clay.

Note: This song is from Supercell’s new(ish) album, Today Is A Beautiful Day.

I’m in J Rock heaven!

If you know me at all, you know how much I love Buck Tick and abingdon boys school, so imagine my absolute joy to find that Atsushi joined Takanori on stage for abs’s cover of BT’s Dress.

Enjoy and drool over the deliciousness that is Atsushi’s voice. Oh and doesn’t Takanori look so cute in his kilt 🙂 Continue reading

I love Deco*27

For some reason, all of his songs are incredibly catchy, plus they say something interesting about humans and the nature of love.

And on top of that, he’s one of the few NND composers who actually sings. Granted, the above video was originally composed by someone else, but he arranged it and sang half the vocals. And you know what, I am definitely NOT the first fangirl to squeal over it~

Utakata Hanabi

AKA another ending to Naruto Sh-shii-something, can’t remember the name anymore. I didn’t like Sayonara sakura much, but this time, it feels like I’m on the same wavelength as supercell. Now, if only we had a video without those weird looking faces (like at 0:20 or 1:17). I was really surprised though. With all the jokes and jabs at how Naruto has a awful budget, this ending was actually pretty well animated.

The single is set to be released in a month, along with the ending song for Mahou tsukai no yoru, which quite a large number of people absolutely rabid for. As for me, well… I haven’t decided if I want to be looking forward to this yet, but it’s definitely a feast for the eyes (hurray for this guy). An interesting thing to note is that it’s going to be released on September 30th, the same day as the DVD for the Fate/Stay night movie (which I’m DEFINITELY holding mixed feelings about).

On a barely related note, for those who care about Type moon, do you think that a nuclear bomb can kill a servant?

A little unexpected techno

When you look at an opening video, you have expectations, right?

This song, “Over the clouds”, is sang by one of my favorite singers of all time, Alan (she’s even Chinese, yay!). However, she tends to stick with songs that sound a bit more acoustic (such as that BEAUTIFUL Ashita no Sanka), and this is the first time I’ve really listened to her sing a techno song. Am I surprised? Yes. Is the song awesome? Hell yeah. Add to that animation by UFOtable, and you KNOW God eater’s promoters know what they’re doing (if it wasn’t a PSP exclusive I’d almost think about playing it, and you KNOW that’s a big thing for me).

Unlike the above, this is EXACTLY what I expect a Kawada Mami song to sound like. However, this is no where NEAR what I expected it to look like… And that is definitely not a good thing…