Happy Lunar new year~

And as a side note: Urinetown is pretty awesome.

And as a side side note: Katawa Shoujo has its moments, but it’s mostly just ok.

And as a side side side note: If you’re still young, think twice before taking engineering in university. Lab reports suck away your life to serve to the physics gods as offerings. And the physics gods are gluttons.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of misogyny

So apparently is okay for Catwoman and Batman to have sex, but not in the way that it was written, because seeing her for so many panels in a state of undress without seeing her head is misogynistic…

I’ve been reading all the fuss about the DC 52 comic relaunch with some bemusement.  I realized that if some of the women posting about just how misogynistic comics are becoming were to read some of the manga that is out there, well, I’m sure they’d be choking on their own vomit they’d be so disgusted. Continue reading

Random thought

I was feeling bored, so I went to pick between Mythbusters and Lucky star. I’ve been watching Mythbusters too much, so I picked Lucky Star.

I was shocked.

The characters say “Nee~”.

A lot.

A WHOLE lot.

It’s things like that that had made Twitter useful, right?



Everytime I see some kind of food like this, I sigh, because I feel worry for the people who eat this. I know that I would never steel my nerves enough to eat something that’s so adorable…


Kinda reminds me of this delicious piece by kokudou juunigou (I hope that none of you are thinking about eating the girls!


I am BACK! And I’m here to brag! And I have no idea what I did in China because I don’t remember finishing a single series or anything! I mean, I ate a lot of food, but I have serious problems with recollection involving days where I stayed at home.


Anyway, back to stuff I got in China. It was a pretty big shopping spree, and of course, this picture doesn’t even cover half of the clothes that i got, but this is an ACG based blog, so I’ll be concentrating on the ACG related.

This is kind of weird, since I don’t read loot posts (I only look at them for the pictures), but oh well. I’m jet lagged, slightly hyper/insane, and I feel like it.  Continue reading

I just wanted to find a good wallpaper

When I stumbled across this GORGEOUS rendition of Gumi. Ok. It wasn’t this EXACT picture, but a cropped wallpaper sized thing on Konachan, but anyway, I was DETERMINED to fine the artist to this picture. Of course, I started looking with the cropped version first, which brought up no answers. But eventually I was able to find the original image and track down the artist: Tibino (pixiv). <-major hetalia fan, btw.

Turns out this, one of the few completely color/completed images that Tobino has created was made for a song named “dramatic re:birth”. It’s not that good of a song, and Gumi was tuned pretty badly, which is a bit of a waste.

Now, why am I typing all this? Why, of course, so I’d have something which is close enough to substantial to go with the picture. That, and also because I want to ramble for a bit. I miss blogging.

On a related note. I LOVE this kind of coloring. Simple, but SO effective.

On a semi-related note, I dropped Hanasaku Iroha.

On a completely unrelated note, I got handed-me-down-ed an iTouch. Are there any useful/weird apps that any readers would like to recommend?