In the words of Kakashi, I’ve been lost on the road of life

Newest Otaku!

Newest Otaku!

Okay not lost so much, as just been incredibly busy taking care of the world’s newest otaku, see above picture!

Isabelle is now 4 and half months old. Currently is enjoying pears and takes up almost every waking second I do not spend at work. But she’s worth it 🙂

And I still get to sneak in some manga reads, check out the twitter updates as proof! 😉

Though watching new anime may be a long distant dream for me, sometimes streaming crunchyroll works on my kindle, sometimes it doesn’t. So mostly I just catch some Korean drama’s on netflix while I pump at work 🙂

Farewell, WordPress

I’m getting married, and I will no longer have the time to watch anime since I’m going to be a god housewife to my hubby~ see ya~


It’s an April fools joke. At the rate my relationships are failing, the closest thing I have to a husband is my computer. XD

Hiyorin Is AWESOME!!

Usually I can’t stand the painfully shy type of girl that Hiyorin is. I just read it and want to yell at the screen, EFFING TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL! Perhaps because they remind me too much of myself.

So when our heroine, finally digs deep to pluck up the courage it makes me insanely happy! And I have to applaud her courage, since I never really had that kind of courage myself. Hubs will tell you I’m a loud mouthed princess who has no trouble telling you what I want now, but it took many years for me to become that way 😉 Continue reading