So… I just finished Baldr Sky

And there are SO many things I can say about this series. The music is fantastic, the plot is intricate (not to mention addictive and long as hell), the world view is vast, the characters are likeable, the older characters are VERY likeable, the art is hit or miss but somehow turned more loli-ish as it went on…….. But I can’t go into details.

Why? Because there are battles in this game, and they have tired me out so much that I can’t move my fingers long enough to write a full post anymore.

There are so many battles in the last route. And they make you go through the last route twice JUST to unlock the 2 minute epilogue. And there are SO. MANY. BATTLES. The battles, while fun at the beginning, has traumatized me. At some point when I was fighting off a 40 strong swarm of little green robot things I realized that people who play these sort of games are insane and that after I just get through the battles I am never touching this game ever again.

tl;dr: the visual novel aspects of this game are fantastic. I hate any kind of game with fighting and I still made it through. If you don’t hate fighting and have around 80 hours to spare then for Noi’s sake PLAY THIS GAME.

Good news/bad news

Good news: an English translation project for Parfait -chocolat second brew- has started.

More good news: This has an EXCELLENT scenario and is one of the best eroges ever made in my opinion.

Bad news: the project has only started.

More bad news: They only have one translator and one tech, no editors, QCers, anything.

Some good news: A mysterious green haired loli/trap/reverse trap will appear soon. You’ll know why it’s good news later.

Some semi-related news (?): Rikako (purple hair) is the best.

Some non-related news: I have a major project that I need to finish today, piled on top of a bunch of other crap. If anything else pops up today, I swear I’m going to snap into crazed yandere or something.

Some piano for you

You know, there are a lot of piano covers of songs floating around on youtube. Most of them I do not like (either because the notes are off or more often because the rhythm is off). However, Dimemanico2’s covers are just fantastic.

You know, I forgot how much I love Parfait chocolate second brew until I heard this. Continue reading

After I finished Aozora, a review

I have to say that the extra story and Akane’s ending were really good.

When you finish all the paths, the extra story is unlocked. It’s about what happens on the day after graduation, everyone’s last day at the dorm. It was very short but still really sweet, and at the end of it all the girls sing together with Wataru playing the piano. I’m a sucker for singing, and this song was sang with such emotion that I was tearing up.

Akane was one of the minor characters in the main story, but her story was funny, dramatic, and all that I expected from Aozora. Of course, I also LOVE her personality, which is optimistic and just a bit hyperactive (those characters tend to click with me and make the story enjoyable, unless you are talking about the monstrosity that is Kyouran Kazoku Nikki). But most importantly, her story focused more on Wataru himself and how he came to deal with his depression. It’s easily the best story in the entire game (and it’s the shortest too, that’s a good thing since I thought that the other paths were just a bit TOO long). Continue reading

Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo first impressions

WOW. This really IS the spiritual successor of parfait chocolat second brew. I’ve only been playing this for a little while and I’m already impressed. Here’s how the story goes so far:

Wataru lives on a small dorm on a small island, and a new transfer student (Rinna) who lives beside hates him because of a misunderstanding which involves her waking up in his room wearing only her underwear. Now, the guy is the type that’s a total moron, barely thinks with his head, a bit perverted, means well but only does the right thing some of the time; so he declares that he will make her become friends with everyone in the dorm. (His personality is kind of like that of Kamina from TTGL)

Sounds stupid right? I thought so too, but this story was pretty funny so I read on. Continue reading

Parfait Chocolat second brew re-order review

Isn’t that a mouthful? A sequel to the popular game Chocolat ~maid cafe curio~ (the 2 games are in the same universe but the time is a few years apart and has different characters), Parfait chocolat second brew was developed by the company GIGA for the PC in 2005, and immediately gained a sizable fan base with its well written story and lovable characters. In fact, it was so popular that a PC re-make was issued, that re-make is what I’m reviewing today. The franchise also spawned a pc2 port (parfait chocolat second style) with extra paths and CG, and then a PC port of the ps2 game (the standard edition). However, most fans view re-order as the best PC version.

Premise: One day, Jin received a phone call from a person who works for Brickmall, new mall that’s opening nearby. The person wants him to open a cafe there, and Jin also really wants to. The problem? His brother, his sister in law, and him had a pretty popular cafe named Famille a few years ago, but then his brother died and the cafe burned down. Since then his sister (and head chef) had refused to have anything to do with cafes, and he hadn’t seen many of the former employees for a while. Of course, Jin isn’t a person who gives up that early, the story follows him as he reclaims his dreams and fights to be with the ones that he love. Continue reading