My brain just exploded from awesome

I mean, less than three minutes in, and there are already more in-jokes than my mind can handle in one setting. And for once, the mapo tofu reference isn’t about Tenshi! Rin hates electronics, Kohaku loves her Chinese dress, Akiha punishes the maids for playing video games too much, Caster is being deredere with her hubby, and of course

Sakura secretly loves this. Sion is a bookworm, Ren is MOE MOE MOE MOE MOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

There’s a Tiger dojo with poor Taiga trying WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too hard, Sacchin is sad, Lancer is fishing, not to mention

DAMN IT I’ve MISSED you Nanako! Assasin is still camped out in front of the temple, and EVERYONE IS DANCING!


Wait, that’s berserker?

Well well well, Fate/Extra certainly seems interesting, although I don’t think  like Arcuid’s master… I can’t see how they’re on the same wavelength at all.

It would have benn interesting to see who Shiki would be paired up with, but I don’t think she’s part of the servant system. Too bad.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia review


Okay, so a long time ago a Chinese translation group came out with a patch for this little game. You know, the continuation/fandisc to FATE/STAY NIGHT, which is possibly the most popular VN in the English.  Needless to say, I also loved F/SN, so the only thing that stopped me from playing it then was the fact that it wasn’t a complete translation (only 90-something% done). Well, last week I decided to go and play it anyway. And I loved it. I loved the banter, the comedy, the art, the back stories, the everything.

Seriously, I love TYPE MOON for their fandiscs.

Premise: The characters from F/SN are BACK! This time, everyone’s stuck in a time loop that only our main character notices, and a whole bunch of ridiculous things that couldn’t have happened otherwise is happening. Your goal: to go through the 4 repeating days and collect all the stories. What? You want to just get out of the time loop and see the serious plot? Boo! Where’s the fun in that? Continue reading


I am getting this sudden urge to fly to China and get myself a roasted potato (the right kind, roasted by the shabby old man with the rusty drum). The half black, blister filled red skin, the orange steamy soft goodness beneath… Damn it, I HATE how we don’t have those snack stands in North America (ah, my flat breads, my miniature yams, my carrot cakes, my stuffed lotus roots, my dumplings, my other dumplings, my other other dumplings, my other other other dumpings, my kabobs, my BELOVED CHINESE STREET FOOD!!!!!!)

Seriously, this is cold enough for it too. Whose barbecue am I going to have to steal to get my potato?

P.S.: I want to kill Shirou. Just because a girl has a small chest DOESN’T mean she won’t get sore in the back and shoulders!

Angelic Lolita Monk

Ever since his first appearance in fate/stay night, our dear iinchou’s tsundere attitude has captured my heart… Alas, his role as the main character’s normal and uptight best friend has much too short. Ah, but those fleeting emotions has been returned with this absolutely DELICIOUS picture which has made me realize how epic Type Moon really is. Ah…it was so adorable when Issei got flustered when Emiya mentioned that he’s lonely without Rin…

Of course, at the above scene, I was laughing like Kyou got locked in the gym shed again. Nasu’s really amazing at comedy (I actually prefer Kagetsu Tohya over Tsukihime), and I WANT MORE ISSEI!

…This also happened with Reo in Pandora hearts and Gii in Sekien no Inganock…I guess I just have a thing for quiet guys with glasses…