So… I just finished Baldr Sky

And there are SO many things I can say about this series. The music is fantastic, the plot is intricate (not to mention addictive and long as hell), the world view is vast, the characters are likeable, the older characters are VERY likeable, the art is hit or miss but somehow turned more loli-ish as it went on…….. But I can’t go into details.

Why? Because there are battles in this game, and they have tired me out so much that I can’t move my fingers long enough to write a full post anymore.

There are so many battles in the last route. And they make you go through the last route twice JUST to unlock the 2 minute epilogue. And there are SO. MANY. BATTLES. The battles, while fun at the beginning, has traumatized me. At some point when I was fighting off a 40 strong swarm of little green robot things I realized that people who play these sort of games are insane and that after I just get through the battles I am never touching this game ever again.

tl;dr: the visual novel aspects of this game are fantastic. I hate any kind of game with fighting and I still made it through. If you don’t hate fighting and have around 80 hours to spare then for Noi’s sake PLAY THIS GAME.

Some piano for you

You know, there are a lot of piano covers of songs floating around on youtube. Most of them I do not like (either because the notes are off or more often because the rhythm is off). However, Dimemanico2’s covers are just fantastic.

You know, I forgot how much I love Parfait chocolate second brew until I heard this. Continue reading

What are YOU voting for?

Seems like only around 200 people had voted in the preliminaries, so I’ll try to do a bit more advertising.


The primary voting session is already over (with Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na having 0 votes, Ha! …sorry, I just really have a thing against that game). There are now 10 candidates left, and I’ll try to give you guys a brief introduction to them. All summaries were taken from VNDB. Continue reading