Usamin is here!

After many, many years, a complete translation for G-senjou no maou is finally completed! This is really special to me, since I absolutely love the story, and the main heroine, Usami Haru. It’s also the first (and probably last) time that I’ve participated in a translation project, which was interesting and fun in its own way until the staff got changed (I’m a bit sad that they didn’t keep the line where I called Usami GAR though). I think that I’ve gushed about the good points and pointed out the bad points enough in my review, so I’ll just end this post with this: PLAY IT!!!!!!!!


The devil on G-string: patch#1 is released!


I had some worries that the translation was going to stop after the first chapter, but now that everyone’s giving it support, we’re going full steam ahead! I hope that everyone can enjoy this teaser patch.  The guys in the programming department is really going at lightning speed here, I thought it’d take much longer than that.  Anyway, whoot!

Now everyone can enjoy the moeness, coolness, and just plain awesomeness that is Harumin!

Usamin, Usamin, Usamin!

08Have you ever wished for Death note in visual novel form? With a kickass female lead who’s smarter than Kira and the main antagonist (also kickass and willing to do anything to get to his goal)  voiced by Jun Fukuyama? Of course you did. That’s what G-senjou no maou is. A roller coaster ride of slowly revealed secrets and adrenalin filled games of cat and mouse, all involving the different aspects of human nature and money.

The first chapter in its entirety has been translated, and I’ve been told that a teaser patch is coming, and very soon too. Everyone in the team has worked hard on this game, I’ve even stopped reading manga, trying to finish my part. So get this game, people, you’re not going to regret it.

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