New banner!

c71magical-drop1Now that April has come around, it’s time for a change of things. Gone is the old and dark theme, spring is the time for fluffy colors and happy faces!

The artist is Mikeou (of the circle Pink Chuchu), as some of you may remember from my c75 post. She’s a very talented artist, and one of her greatest virtues is the fact that she produces an insane amount of work every single month (unfortunately, that’s bad news for people like me, who want to collect everything). Continue reading

C75 recommendations pt 1

C75 promotional art by suzuya royohka (凉香)

C75 promotional art by suzuya royohka (凉香)

Welcome, one and all! After days of hard work  I have put together this post of worthy c75 art to recommend! By the way, the reason I’m doing a post on art is because I can’t read a single word of Japanese so art is the only thing I can judge it by! I only went through 679 doujins, so there are a many worthy pieces of art which I missed. I encourage you to seek out your favorites whenever possible! (Note: I refuse to promote the acquisition of h-doujins, so don’t expect anything beyond mild fan service in this post.)

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Out with the old, In with the new

I don’t know who vectored this but he or she is amazing. Anyway, I’m putting this here in hopes of getting more people to read this post.

Well, I planned to post this quite a while ago, but couldn’t because of a lack of internet connection. As you can probably tell, this post is mainly a mass of little tidbits of information. Continue reading