New Kenshin manga!

According to ANN.

Nobuhiro Watsuki will put his current manga on hold and in June, Jump Square will feature a new Kenshin manga.

The translation talks about it as something of a ‘reboot’ what that means I’m not quite sure. I love Kenshin, I mean I really do, its one of my fave manga/animes of all time, so I’m all for more Kenshin.

But even I’m not sure whether to be happy about this or not. I mean the manga had a pretty conclusive ending, so what is the point of going back and redoing that?

I’d be really upset for instance, if the ending to the manga got changed up. As far as I knew Watsuki was happy with that ending, in fact I’d read it was his preferred ending and that he, like most of us, did not agree with the depressing OVA.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting to see what this whole Kenshin ‘reboot’ means. Rurouni Kenshin Brotherhood?

You can’t beat a good tune.

So I blame DB for posting a link to the Infinite Ryvius OP on FB. Because it got me thinking about all the anime related music I like.

Of course there are too many to post them all, but for nostalgia’s sake I took a look through my Itunes folder and happily discovered that yes I did have some Animetal in there. I did a search on youtube and to my delight found that they did a cover of the Macross OP. Continue reading

Where is my real life Gundam movie?

RL Gundam

So whilst sitting through the loud, non-stop, eyeball popping, action-fest that is Transformers 2, it occurred to me.

If we can make a movie that can make mecha look this freakin sweet. (If you say Optimus Prime doesn’t look kick ass in this movie then you are a liar).
Why have we not yet gotten a sniff of a live action Gundam movie? Continue reading