The H-word, again

A long time ago, I discovered Aria, then Honey and Clover. I loved both of these series, but I always held myself back from completing them in their entirety. Why? Because the moment that I completed them, it would mean that they are over, and I can never go back to the time when I had more chapter to read again. Now, as I sit at my desk, with my university acceptance letters near me, and the complete works of Aria and Honey and Clover in front of me, I have decided that it is the time to stop procrastinating. Life is continuing, and I should finish the things that I have been meaning to do.

Now, with a month left before final exams, I am going to take a hiatus from this blog. It might be for forever, and it might not be (at least, I hope not). In case I don’t come back, thanks for everyone’s support all this time! Apparantely, people had read my ramblings 580,166 times, and that’s something I never expected (really). I’ll still be stalking a few of you through blogs, so… See ya!

P.S.: The picture is a preview of a CG from Sepia Tears. Production is kind of close-ish to wrapping up now, so please support it when it comes out!

P.P.S.: Seriously. It’ll be free and it’s awesome. REALLY AWESOME.

This is why I’ve been dead for a while

I cannot believe the character art's actually finished...

Err…well…this, and school, etc etc. For some reason, I just can’t play VNs recently, and my anime backlog just keeps getting longer and longer (THIS is one of the major reasons that I like Hetalia: I don’t feel the need to set aside an hour to watch something). On the other hand, I’ve been picking up the old habit of reading again. The Boogiepop series have proven to be quite interesting, and Rumi has gained a special place in my heart (sadly, I haven’t read an American novel that left a lasing impression on my since A Thousand Splendid Suns).

This is a very, VERY rough draft

Now, back to drawing (I have NO experience with drawing dark scenes, Desperately needing practice right now).

To wear or not to wear…

Glasses? Or no glasses? Just wondering.


Okay, holy CRAP, this is NOT good.

The above character, Lillian, had 2 poses.

To get the picture above, cropped the picture, shrunk it, and clicked save. Realizing my mistake, I saved the jped ctrl-Z-ed my way back.

But then I forgot to save the PSD file again. Which means that I now have half of my work erased and the other half in 1/4 its original size.

This means I have to do the whole thing over again.

Please excuse me as I go and hit my head against the wall for a hour or so.

P.S.: Drawing food is painful, especially taiyaki and super concentrated peach juice.

P.P.S: Probably no more posts for the holidays. Will try to finish playing Jingai Makyou, catch up on all the anime I haven’t been watching, finish drawing sepia tears, and do my school work before January 4th. I might not be able to come back alive. Wish me luck.

Once again, a sepia tears character post

The last of the female characters, and the first one wearing her uniform~ She’s supposed to wear glasses too, but I’m still working on that (glasses are hard…) Eternal is close to done with the script, so with any luck you people can expect a release…/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ I’m so slow in working on this…we’ll get something out by next christmas if we’re lucky…

Another Sepia tears character preview


Of Sepia tears, of course. This time, it’s your loli imouto Rin in her outdoor outfit~ Although I’m a bit worried about her not looking her age…Anyway, she’s 99.9% genki, and I’ve been wanting to draw a character with a rabbit poncho ever since I read Shinshi Doumei Cross (almost my favorite shoujo manga of all time), so this was perfect. Of course, I still have to add fluff of the edges when I’m coloring. Anyway, I have a whole new appreciation for those game artists now. Having different poses and clothing are a pain, especially you have to be really careful so that everything’s the same size. I was going back and forth between images to make sure that character’s sizes aren’t too different.  2 poses+3 outfits+an undecided amount of expressions+an undecided amount of event CGs=so tired… I’ve only done around 15% of the total work right now. How do those game artists live? Seriously.

LK asked me for 2 more characters for CCY too, but I’m putting those on the back burner for now.