TH2AD: Michiru Yamada

I was very disappointed with LEAF. Why on earth did they throw in a continuations of a harem path from the original game that had no plot or a harem path with no plot involving a married woman? Ack, that was a perfectly useless waste of my last few hours of vacation time! If it was up to me I’d ban harem endings from ever being written on this planet! (Not only that, what kind of sick, twisted being wrote the story about falling in love with your childhood friend’s MOTHER? I’m gagging right now.)


However, my (initially) favourable opinion of this game has been restored (somewhat) by Michiru’s story.

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What the hell were they thinking?

Nanako’s a loli, that’s fine, I have no problems with that.

057iBut what the hell were thinking, making her into a loli who literally wears diapers with a whiny voice (which reminds me of Kurihara Touko WAAAAY too much) and a complex about having no chest?!?! That’s just no right!

Not only that, Nanako’s story was BORING. Nothing happened aside from a bunch of angst from the aforementioned bust complex and Takaki feeling guilty about being a lolicon. Well, screw that, I don’t care about what he feels! Most people who’ve played this game want to kill him for Haruhi’s sake! And who cares about her bust size? She’s what? 12? Not only should she not be concerned about her chest, she has no business being inside an eroge!

I’m very disappointed with the writers at Leaf right now. Not only as a person who want to enjoy their game, but as a girl who believes in pride for her half of the human race.

Ikuno Komaki

071aI’ve always had a weak spot for bittersweet romances, and this is no exception. Ikuno’s story is a game extra and a the continuation of Manaka, her older sister’s story; and as the story begins Takaki has already become Manaka’s boyfriend. Yes, as cheesy romances go, this one’s set up is as generic as it gets: the chronically ill younger sister who got released from the hospital, feeling protective, goes on a date with her older sister’s boyfriend to see if he’s worthy of her sister. Continue reading

This is why toheart2 anotherdays is awesome


“Aliens, psysics, and time travellers are all under your juristicion. This is something that everyone in the class has already accepted.”

Random Haruhi reference FTW!

10 minutes in and I’m already cracking up, mostly because the writers understand that this is a spin off and uses that to its full potential. Because this is a bishoujo game, the male lead has a sizable harem, and by the time anotherdays came around he’s already infamous for it and it’s the root for many hilarious jokes.

I’m going to start with Harumi (the girl above) because I like to start out with the girls with the least potential. I’ve pretty much given up on this one because she’s a clingy airhead with a bust no high school girl should have.

This is going to be so much better than tears to tiara. Especially the art. Have you SEEN how pretty the art for this game is? It’s BEAUTIFUL.