The one (s) that changed my mind

This doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, I see an image, and it completely changes my perspectives of an event or an artist. Eventually, there was enough of these little occurrences, and, coupled with me feeling too burned out to draw, resulted in this post.

Note: this post gets more NSFW as it progresses…

no.5 1948

This doesn’t look it, but it’s supposedly the most expensive painting that has ever been sold. It taught me the valuable lesson that value itself cannot be defined by just one person. $140 million… I can’t believe it…

For me, Zinno has always been an artist that’s just THERE. I see his work around, but they always seem simple, fanservicy, and generally not that impressionable. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Tama-nee image above though (now that I think about it, I can’t remember her actual name anymore, I know know Tama-nee).

This impression didn’t change as I saw the art for tenshi no tamago.

However, somewhere around 2008, Zinno’s art changed quite a bit. So much so, that I had no idea it was the same person when I saw the art for Signal Heart plus. And as boring as the story for that seems to be, the art definitely speaks to me. Obligatory sad girl in snow picture~

There was this glow, this sparkle to the characters that hadn’t been there before, not to mention that they look older and lankier (he also got better at drawing guys, although I can’t find a good and safe example). I’m pretty sure the bottom one’s a trap BTW (I say “pretty” because the hcg is kind of…well…) *cough, anyway… Lesson learned: even if an artist seems to be settled into a certain style, they can always change~SO cute

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