“It was first love”.

Tsubasa is your typical imouto who was always in the shadow of her older sister.  I was very supportive of her since I’m practically an imouto (had an older cousin that I was very close with, we’d spend months living together every year, of course, she was taller and smarter, etc). However, despite being not really good at anything, she was a fantastic actress and a member of the theater club.

After her parents died, Tsubasa and her older sister Akiho was adopted to a distant relative’s house, it was there that they met the protagonist, Kazuki. And that’s when Tsubasa fell in love with Kazuki. Continue reading

Tsubasa 221


*dies in a puddle of fangirl joy.

The 2 clones are together! They will be  reborn, and won’t meet each other again for a while, but you KNOW that they’ll be together! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! HAHA! Everything is explained, and the background of CCS was explained too! Clow didn’t die in CCS world, instead he went to CSakura’s world to replace her father, killed by the warp. When he died, he left his magic to DadShaoran. No, wait, when Eriol died he left his magic, no, wait, when Eriol AND Fujitaka died, no, wait. Arg, I’m too happy to think straight.

Akabri soft2’s games  are just too addicting. Tsubasa and FMA are the only things that can pull mye out of it. Don’t expect anything until I’m finished Devil on G-string and Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo.

*Watche Tsubasa Shunraiki 2.


*returns to being a happy melted puddle.



THANK YOU CLAMP!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your brain isn’t registering the information yet, read this: In chapter 219 of Tsubasa, we find out that clone Sakura is still alive! I’m just so happy right now. It seems that Yuuko isn’t dead either, as she’s there with CSakura and and CShaoran, telling him to choose. Ack, we won’t know what the choice is until next week! I really can’t handle reading Tsubasa on a weekly basis.

The last couple of chapters were very confusing, not only with the large amount of fighting but also with the 2 Shaorans and the 2 Sakuras. It seems that Shaoran’s parents aren’t CCS’s protagonists afterall, so now there are 4 Sakuras and 4 Shaorans in the works, all identical, all with different intentions and ablilties, all with some sort of connetion to Clow. I’m so confused, if only Eriol would come and cleanly explain everything…

At least she didn’t die

sakura1This ALWAYS happens! Whenever I REALLY like a character, something bad’ll happen to them. This started all the way back to Sailor moon. I liked Tomoe, but then she just HAD to go and kill herself.

You can keep reading but just keep in mind that there are a lot of spoilers here.

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Tsubasa pops up in an unexpected place

Today, I was watching a recoding of the women’s all-around gymnastics event from yesterday, and the funny things is that when Nastia Liukin was going to jump at the vaults, I could clearly hear a track from tsubasa resvoir chronicle in the background. That track happened to be breaking the sword of justice, from the first tsubasa soundtrack. I wonder just why that was playing……