Visual Novels -Mini reviews and etc

Someone complained that the main VN page was too long and cluttered, so I’m making two new pages.

This stuff takes some time to organize…….. so it’s under construction for now………

This is stuff that I really liked before I started writing on this blog or stuff that didn’t make me love or rage enough. Mostly. I think.

07th expansion

Higurashi no naku koro ni Rei 8/10

Short stories, play if you like the original.

Umineko no naku koro ni 9/10

Art that’s awesome after you get used to it, music that’s just awesome, and a kickass plot. One ending only (technically). Lately, I’ve kind of grown apathetic about it, however, I’m still saying that you should play it. Be prepared for trolling though… LOTS of trolling…

 Akabeesoft2 (includes branch companies such as Syangrila, etc)

Akatsuki no Goei 6/10

The first of three games. Not BAD, but really unfinished and kind of meh, despite likable characters and nice packaging. Mini review

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