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My list on VNDB is probably better… oh well.

Seeing as the VN categories at this blog are expanding quite rapidly, I’ve decided to create a VN page. Here, you’ll see a (kind of) complete list of VNs I’ve played over the years, along with a short comment, rating, and a judgment of routes. The games are listed by company, but feel free to drop a comment if you think there’s a better way to categorize them.

Note: All the games listed here are translated, either into English or Chinese. If you don’t see an english patch over at VNDB, assume it’s CHinese.

Note 2: I am extremely biased against slice-of-lifes and stories based on moe. I am extremely biased for imoutos (because I am one) and good singing (I don’t care if the rest is crap, if the singing is good I’ll like it).

Note 3: I’ve left out pieces of complete idiocy such as  X-change. There’s no point in wasting any more time on those things.

Note 4: The ratings are my gut feelings, ranging from 0 to 10. There aren’t any zeros because I’m not wasting anymore time on them. Gut feelings usually mean what I felt about the best route.

Note 5: I’m still adding to this place. And scores are subject to change without notice (probably more accurate than my review scores).

07th expansion

Higurashi no naku koro ni Rei 8/10

Short stories, play if you like the original.

Umineko no naku koro ni 9/10

Art that’s awesome after you get used to it, music that’s just awesome, and a kickass plot. One ending only (technically). Lately, I’ve kind of grown apathetic about it, however, I’m still saying that you should play it. Be prepared for trolling though… LOTS of trolling…


Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai 8/10

Cute (sis-con) story, has its moments but is also a lot of wasted potential. Review

Shiori (unlock-able true end)>> Mai>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>that other thing

Shinigami no kiss wa wakare no aji 7/10

They tried. They really tried. But it’s just as good as it’s supposed to be. All of the stories are around the same, but the unlockable true end made me RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.  review

 Akabeesoft2 (includes branch companies such as Syangrila, etc)

G-senjou mo maou 10/10

Go for the true ending (with Haru), ignore everything else. Decent enough art/BGM, but the plot and songs are awesome enough to compensate and more. Review

Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no shoujo 10/10

There’s an extremely long trunk story, and little difference in the different routes aside from a few scenes and an epilogue, so there’s not much of a point in getting them all. Natsumi’s ending felt the most right in my eyes though. Once again, kickass plot, but the rest of it is kind of meh. Review

Akatsuki no Goei 6/10

The first of three games. Not BAD, but really unfinished and kind of meh, despite likable characters and nice packaging. Mini review


Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na 5/10

Most of it is about as interesting as boiled water, and though the production values are like by many, it’s not for me. No path rating because other than the the hidden stories, the stories are equally bland. My opinions of it hasn’t improved with time either. Review

Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na -moonlight cradle- 6/10

Fandisc. The art’s better than I remembered it to be, even though I still can’t accept the clothes. There are a few funny moments and one almost tear jerking moment, but other than that it was mostly a waste of time. Review

Aiyoku no Eustia 9/10

So much more awesome than August’s other titles. This one’s darker and a little depressing. The one true end is just…sigh…………… review


Koisuru otome no shugo no tate 5/10 (The blonde girl route only)

One of the drawing points seemes to be the trap protagonist, and while it was entertaining for a while, the comedy/whatever got old pretty quickly. The music’s forgettable, along with the system and overall presentation. I have a thing against the artist. Overall boring.


True tears 1/10

The only good thing about it was the opening video, which lulled me in with false expectations. Has nothing to do with the anime True tears.


Otoboku 7/10

Quite funny, with nice background art (I have a thing against the character artist). Didn’t finish it all though. Sion>Yukari  Review


A CG because the coverart is a bit misleading and I can’t find any promotional art

Mai hime Unmei no Keotouju 8.5/10

Surprisingly good for an adaption of an anime, though the story has little to do with the Sunrise production other than some shared characters and some parts of the hime system. It also took me a while to get used to the new character designs. Unfortunately, all the endings were bittersweet (sometimes just plain bitter). Shizuru was awesome in this game though. Review (written by me under a different name)

Natsuki>Mai>Miyu>Mikoto>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sakuya (I hate her)

Da capo Plus Communication 5/10

…This game has a bad flow. It might have been pretty good 9 years ago, but now, it’s horribly generic. Also, I’m sick and tired of the endless amount of repetitive daily life in moeges. So…yeah.

The new routes are worse than the original ones. The routes that involve magic are better than the ones that don’t. Other than that, they’re pretty much the same. Review

Da Capo II 8.5/10

Nice art, nice music, nice story. Yes, it is infamous, yes, I liked it and I don’t care what you say.

Anzu>Sakura>>>>>Otome>Nanaka>Yume>>Minatsu>Coco (well, the last 5 are about the same, Anzu-sama forever!)

Da Capo II to you 6/10

4 short stories, each decent in their own way. Review


Working on it.

Cuffs and sister companies (Cube and Sphere)

Yosuga no Sora 8/10

Nice production values. Short but dramatic stories. A bit on the generic side. Review


Haruka no Sora 7/10

4 short stories (2 heroines, 1 Sora after story, and one kareoke special), web dramas, and wallpapers. It’s a fandisc, so it’s nothing special, although iinchou’s outrageous reactions were fun to watch.


Family project 5/10

Overrated. It was pretty good, then went downhill FAST. The main story’s excessively long, and I just couldn’t bring myself to finish all the endings. Review

Kana -little sister- 7/10

Overrated. You know, people were all saying that it’d make grown men cry. I’m a girl and I still didn’t feel a single tear coming. Pretty dramatic at the right places though.


Soshite Ashita no Sekai Yori (short: Asuseka) 10/10

Beautiful art, great sound tracks, nice system, and a plot with two routes that took my breath away. It’s both darker and lighter than I thought it’d be, with lots of heartwarming fluff, rape, murder, and an true epilogue that made me cry. Now if only they made Minami and Asahi more interesting… Review.



Hoshizora no memoria -wish upon a shooting star- 7/10

Not a bad story, but it’s not my type and feels unsatisfying. review


Hoshizora no memoria -Eternal heart- 5/10

Fandisc. Nothing special. Ima and her brother are pretty cute though.

Flying Shine

Cross channel 9/10

Very addicting and very different. The plot twists are about as shocking as they come, but I didn’t like the ending much.


Parfait Chocolat Second brew 9/10

Surprisingly good slice of life, with lots of drama. Some of the plot twists were simply amazing. Good music too, but the art isn’t that great.


Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo 6/10

I expected something like Parfait, but it just wasn’t as good. However the first part of the main story trunk and the last epilogue was really touching.


Fosette 4/10

A decent enough fandisc for Parfait and Aozora. There’s a lot of material, mini games, etc. However I rarely care for fandiscs, and the material just wasn’t that great.

Haikuo soft

Yotsunoha 7/10

A story about old friends reuniting, told through the weaving of the past and present. The characters are really likable and it’s fun, plus there are some pretty good squeeee moments. Too bad the actual drama’s a bit on the light side. Production values are good, despite really really REALLY inconsistent art.

The big boob girl (SO SQUEEEE)>the tsundereish girl(SO AWWWWWWW)>Nono (why is she always the focus of promotion material? I really don’t get her personality)>>>the hidden sickly nekomimi girl (the ending’s just……sigh…..)

Innocent grey

Cartagra 10/10

Best mystery I’ve ever played, period. Only 1 true ending, don’t bother with the rest. Great music, great graphics, really disturbing scenes and a fantastic atmosphere. However beware the numerous bad endings and h-scenes. Review

Nagomibako 8/10

Fandisc to some innocent grey games. The comedy is surprisingly good (EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!), though the continuation of Cartagra’s story doesn’t help to make the ending less bitter.

Kara no shoujo 9/10

The true true ending was a pain in the ass to unlock because of a string of bad luck, which probably made me score the game lower than I would have. It’s another mystery (with an interesting search/deduce system) and great production values. I guessed the truth more here than in Cartagra. I wonder if that’s because it was easier or just that I was older/wiser…

Technically only one ending. No matter what it’s kinda linear, so no heroine-specific routes. Review


Sisters~夏の最後の日~ 7/10

A short, linear story, and the first game I played in Japanese, Whoo~ It’s really pretty and almost completely animated, and the story started off well. But then, the h-scenes came along, and there ended up being a plethora of h-scenes instead of a good ending. Too bad.  Review

KeroQ and Makura

I’m not sure if this is actually official art… so many artists worked on this game it’s not even funny.

H2O Footprints in the sand 5/10 (on hindsight)

Everything besides the story was good. Review

Leaf and Aquaplus

Utawarerumono 8/10

The harem was thrown together kind of haphazardly, I don’t find enjoyment in RPGs, and I was spoiled on the ending so it wasn’t as good as it could have been. However, it still has a good story that’s worth a play (watch the anime extras, the comedy works SO much better with animation). One ending only.

Tears to Tiara 6.5/10

I was kind of scared away by the art, but once you get into it, TTT’s pretty good. However, the side characters are as flat as rice paper, the ending leaves a lot unexplained (though they might be plot holes) and I just couldn’t get into it as much as Utawarerumono. Review

Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu 8/10

Very beautiful, and very different (AKA dark and open ended). Good for someone who wants a change of pace. None of the stories stood out than the rest. ReviewTo heart 2 Xrated 8/10

A very cute, very sweet, very romantic, and pretty classical game. Added plus is the excellent production values.


To heart 2 another days 7/10

Lost a lot of the magic that the original had, replacing it instead with fanservice. Ugh. Fortunately there is SOME good in there.

Harumi=Ikuno>Silfa>>Chie>Michiru>>>>>>>>Marianne=Nanako>the mom>that poor excuse for a h-scene side story with Konimo and Tamaki

White album 2 -Introductory Chapter- 9/10

The best love triangle I have ever come across in an eroge. As expected from the people who wrote Parfait, this was really good. Linear, short. The mark may go up when I see the Closing chapter. Kazusa forever! Review


Sekien no Inganock 9/10

I usually hate open ended stories. But somehow I really liked Sekien no Inganock. Now, if only all the stories were as good as the first it would have been an 11. Linear. Review

Kusarihime -euthanasia- 9/10

Fantastic atmosphere, but like Inganock and Cross channel, confused the hell out of me. It’s not what it seems. For some reason, I have a soft spot for the graphics, which have aged quite well since 2002. Review

Little /Witch

Quartett!    8/10

Simple and short plot, but with a lot of effort in presentation. There is a ridiculous amount of art, fantastic music, likeable characters, and a great atmosphere. There is no voices present in the PC game, however, there is a voice patch floating around. I wouldn’t actually recommend the voice patch though, as the system is not designed for voices and the acting isn’t really fantastic.



I’ve played like 15 of their games, and Ever17’s the only one that I really liked.Well, I guess the Souma endings in Memories off 2 were good too (but that doesn’t get interesting until the epilogue).

Ever17 9.5/10

The best mystery ever until I discovered Umineko and Cartagra. You have to go through all the character paths to get to the true ending, which explains the mysteries, and those paths aren’t the greatest (equally decent). However, the true ending is made of win. The system/art/music is pretty dated at this point though.


Symphonic rain 6/10

It was good while I was playing but left a bad after taste. I can’t understand why so many people praise it. The music system was kind of fun, and the score would have been lower if the music hadn’t been so good (even if half the songs were just remixes of each other).

Lump of sugar

Tayutama 4/10

They set out to make a mindless fluffy story with ero and some heartstring tugging in Mashiro’s path. They did it. Review

Mashiro’s actual path>>>>>>>>>>Mifuyu’s actual path>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest of the game


Ef ~a fairytale of the two~ 8/10

Nice, short, little dramas. The first tale didn’t click with me at all, but the latter tale clicked with me. The anime’s still better though, especially since it’s so different. Just go and watch the anime then play the Mizuki path (for some reason, the anime starts on Mizuki’s back story but never explains any of it). Review (sort of)


Ef -Tenshi no Nichiyoubi 7/10

The fan disc of Ef and a series of very short comedic dramas. We get to see a day in the lives of the 8 main characters, plus 3 dreams. In the first dream, Yuuko avoids the car. In the second dream, the earthquake didn’t kill anyone. In the third dream, the original Mizuki never died. It also came with a  fun little mini game. Review

Eden* -There were only two on the planet- 9/10

A very nice linear short story. Very cinematic. Very sad (the scene with the plates in the sink really got me). However, some parts dragged a bit (especially with the reporter).  Review

Wind -a breath of heart- 6/10

Meh. Generic bishoujo game with a twist that wasn’t pulled off all that well.


The 120 yen series 4/10

I expected some heart warming short stories. I got nothing.

Scarlett 6/10

A linear story about spies and people, I think. Didn’t really click with me. Review

Sanarara 9/10

Don’t let the cover art turn you away, this is a really nice collection of short stories about love with some seriously great music and tear-jerking powers. Review



Chaos;Head 8/10

Odd, but gets strangely addicting as it goes on. Odd ending. Most of the characters show up but don’t really do anything. Pretty much Linear.

Dra koi 7/10

Boy meets girl err dragon story, filled with laughs, romance, explosions, h-scenes, and an awesome loli mother. It’s only an hour and a half long, so give it a spin if you feel like unwinding. review

Saya no Uta 10/10

WOW. It has a breathtaking atmosphere and interesting themes. The story’s linear, short, and absolutely fantastic.

Also, it’s pretty much the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.


…still working on this one

Jingai Makyou 8/10

Good story with likable characters, comedy, romance, and lots of action and blood. Really reminds me of Fate/stay night. Entertaining to the core. Review

Kaze no Ushiro wo Ayumumono=The landlady>>>Ignis

Kikokugai 9/10

Like Saya no Uta, but not as scary and a lot more action. Good stuff. Review

Hanashirasu 7/10

A story about modern day sword fighting with an awesome protagonist. It’s a bit simple, but it’s short and worth a play. Also, beware of the zombies. Review


Para-sol 8/10

Nice art, and really grand and interesting setting. However, the story falls short of its potential and ends up being kinda weird (and absolutely chock full of incest). Linear plot line, but you need multiple playthroughs to unlock extra scenes. review


Kirakira 6/10

Just didn’t click with me. Impressions

Pajama Soft

Piano no Mori no mankai no Shita 8/10

A really nice, cute little romance with a really siscon main character and lots of Sakakibara Yui (YAY!). It’s not that long, so I’d recommend you get all 3 endings. Review


Moshimo Ashita ga harenaraba 9/10

A really good school romance/drama. With some really interesting characters. It could have gotten a better mark if the epilogues were better ( it was like a slap in the face every single time). Review


Propeller (under will)

Kitto, sumiwataru asairo yori mo 8/10

A one route story that can’t have a story summary because it’s too epic for one. Seriously, there’s no way to make make 1 that carries the tone of the story without providing serious spoilers. Review

Ayakashibito: 6/10

A bunch of people with superpowers fighting with romance, comedy, suspense, and slice of life thrown in. Not my type. review

Pulltop (under will)

Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashino (or Kanisino) 10/10

Most of it is fantastic, but some routes are complete crap (especially the redhead from above). Well, I guess that’s just what you’d get for hiring 2 main writers. Despite it’s premise, it’s not really about Ojou-samas and teachers. Has one of the greatest maids ever, and is the best pure drama in a school setting ever (Until I found Asuseka). Review


Princess Waltz 6/10

Some parts were good, but most of it was very meh. The two main characters annoyed the hell out of me. There are barely any differences between the different paths, save for around 1 scene+an h=scene. Review

Yunohana 6/10

A relaxing little comedy set in winter. The paths are all about the same. Review

Purple Software

Kimi to Ashita no Au Tame ni 7/10

A pretty standard chara/moe-ge with some REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY nice production values. The stories are pretty much the same in terms of plot quality, so just go after the girl with the most appealing personality. My favorite characters are Saya and Rin, although Rin doesn’t have a route. Review

Ruf (under Will)

Yume Miru Kusuri 9/10

It’s unrealistically realistic, kind of like Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu. Too many h-scenes in some places, but otherwise 3 very enjoyable tales.


Stage nana

Narcissu 10/10

Narcissu side 2nd 11/10

Absolutely beautiful. I cried a lot in Side 2nd. It’s linear, it’s short, it’s powerful, and there’s no reason in this world for you to skip these two titles if you can read.


Katahane 7/10

It’s not as Yuri as it looks. A lot of it was confusing/boring, but the true ending brought it together nicely.

Story is kind of linear. Review


Tsukihime 7/10

Couldn’t get into it for some reason. It’s been too long, can’t remember which path I liked.

Kagetsu Tohya 10/10

…I don’t know why, but I really love the comedy that this guy churns out. This is also probably the only time where I’ll like a fandisc more than the original work.

Fate/Stay night 9.9/10

Epic fights, epic comedy, epic tears down my face. Go and play it. Sakura>Saber>Rin

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia 10/10

I LAUGHED. SO. MUCH. There’s also a lot of awesome thrown in, such as the battle at the bridge, the swimming pool, dark Sakura, Rider’s past, etc etc. A must get if you want more from the characters of F/SN.


Nanatsuiro Drops 8/10

A very adorable romance with Mahou Shoujos that has no business being an eroge.


Flyable heart 9/10

A very adorable romance which was also really funny. While the individual  stories aren’t the strongest, there is an overarching plot which was incorporated wonderfully into the routes. The production values are nice too.

…for some reason, I just can’t rate the routes in this one… Review

Visual arts & KEY

One ~to the radiant season~ 1/10

I don’t know how I made my way through it, I really don’t.

Kanon 6/10

A (supposed) tearjerker set in winter. Didn’t get a single tear out of me.

Err…this is a bit of a misleading picture. The actual game was drawn around 10 years before this picture and looks quite different (I mean worse, much, MUCH worse)…

Air 9/10

An absolute tear jerker set in summer. However I’d recommend you skip the game and just watch the anime.

Clannad 9/10

An absolutely tear jerker set in Spring. However I’d recommend you watch the anime and then play for Kyou and Kappei. Really, it’s like the longest VN ever or something, save yourself some time.

Kyou/Ryou (DRAMA)> Kotomi(TEARS)=Misae(DRAMA)> Kappei> Nagisa> Tomoyo> Yukine=Mei

Tomoyo after 7/10

A (supposed) tearjerker set in summer. The excessive amount of h-scenes at the beginning really ruined it for me, but get it if you like Tomoyo, I suppose. Linear, but not short. Review

Planetarian 9/10

A tearjerker set in the future (are you seeing a trend yet?) Short, linear.

Little Busters Ecstacy 7/10

It has its moments, but overall it was repetitive and tedious. Not to mention the minigames are annoyin and Saya’s route has made me hate guns. Another problem is that it doesn’t explain things well, and so many things are metaphorical it felt more like Cross channel or Remember11 rather than a heartwarming story about friendship and family from Key.

Completing the main heroines and Rin’s bad end unlocks Rin’s true end which unlocks refrain (the true true end) which unlocks 3 other paths for side characters and Saya.

Refrain (aka the BL end)>Kud (if you can understand it)=Komari (if you can stand her voice)>Haruka=Kanata>>Sasami=Mio>Saya (troll ending)>Rin (she barely has a path, even though she’s the main heroine)>>>Kurugaya (made no sense)

Rewrite: 7/10

Romeo had a grand plan in mind, but the execution falls short of expectations. Don’t expect raburabu or happy endings, because this story’s really bleak. It feels like the heroines are just there to draw in sales because the main story aren’t really about them. Mini Review


Tenshin Ranman (Sana route only) 6/10

Played it just to see what all the hype over Sana is about. Didn’t really impress me.  More detailed impressions.

Natsuzora Kanata 8/10

I somehow managed to walk away with a pretty good impression despite skipping half the game. If that’s not magical I don’t know what is. Short review here


19 thoughts on “Visual Novels Master Page

  1. Well, for KID, at least you have Ever17. But yeah, other than that, I can’t really recall any other KID VN that really stood out for me.

    • Well, it’s less of a “none of them stood out” (and aside from Ever17, none of them DID stand out) than a “do I REALLY want to write about ALL of them? There’s like 20!”

  2. I personally think Umineko is overrated. I’d especially strongly disagree on the art being awesome. It’s terrible to look at it. There’s also no CGs, aside of the facial expressions (which are mostly the same for _every_ character, regardless who it is) the characters only have a few tachie, and the character designs are so bad, one can’t decide whether to take it seriously.
    However, the bigger problem is that the story has major issues though. It basically stopped being a mystery game a long ago, and all it really is that the writer’s way to troll the reader. I don’t feel it satisfying to repeatedly see that “hahaha, I was pulling your leg again, what really happened was this instead”. Also, I hate seeing characters introduced all the time then being forgotten/put on the side. Why introduce them if they didn’t really contributed anything. Also this episodic story is just silly. I’d rather prefer seeing more connection than just “and yet another gameboard which you gonna forget a few months later.”
    I still enjoy it a lot, but I can’t understand why people label it “flawless”. By my interpretation “flawless” would indicate that there’s nothing in it which would need improvement, however the art really needs improvement, and the pace of the story is outright terrible at places (Ange, the trial, episode1 etc).

    As for Symphonic Rain. It was really awesome, and most of the people I’ve spoken enjoyed it just as much as I did. I feel it was a great game with lovable characters and the last two route were superbly done. I cried at the last route, and just listening on the BGM can border me into getting teary eyed. I guess people who didn’t enjoy it were expecting some comedy to go with the slice of life, but it was obvious for me from the start they shouldn’t look for that.

    Also, do you by chance take requests what to complete next? I was wondering if you’d be so kind and writing a bit more about Ayakashibito. I tried playing Propeller’s other action game, Bullet Butlers, but wasn’t impressed, however from what I’ve heard Ayakashibito is supposed to be totally different and better. I’d still appreciate reading more about it before considering checking it out myself.

    • I thought that the Unimeko art was the crappiest thing ever until I realized just how well they showed the emotions. I don’t think it’s flawless either (the later episodes are draggy), but it’s like an old friend that I’m always looking forward to at this point. I never expected comedy from Symphonic rain. I expected drama, great plot twists, and great music. The drama was okay, the plot twists didn’t have any impact on me, and most of the music was remixes of each other. The songs were still good, I have the album on my ipod, I just wish there was more of it. I enjoyed the story while I was playing, but it was one of those things that just doesn’t feel right afterward (do you know what I’m talking about?)

      Requests are always welcome~ I’m supposed to be finished Asuseka and playing it right now, but Final dragon chronicles got in the way, hehe. I’ll definitely get it done over spring break though.

      • It’s a damn shame Ritsuko Okazaki passed away at a young age. I believe Symphonic Rain was released merely one year after her death (she sang the opening theme for the game)

      • ^ Not only the OP, but she composed all the music and the songs. It’s all her posthumous work. It’s really sad when you think about that she was doing all that excellent work while fighting against her illness. ;_;

        “I expected drama, great plot twists, and great music.”
        For me it delivered in all of those things. And yeah I know what you mean, however the ending felt satisfying in my opinion.
        A final Asuseka review would be nice indeed. And yeah, I would be thankful if you’ll really review Ayakashibito then. Thanks in advance.

  3. (currently hunting down the site archive for the post that you told me the download place was at… third time I am looking for this I think. I seriously need to learn to use the bookmark tab and add it to favs… -___-)

  4. Not to be pedantic, but this list should be updated to include every VN you review, to serve as a kind of “review index” for your blog. That makes it easier for your readers to find your reviews.

      • Pardon me, earlier I thought that your SIsters review was missing. It seems that you didn’t write out the entire title in Romaji.

        But what about further dividing this section? Other eroge review blogs have a “mini-reviews” or “dropped” section (the last one being titles you’re not going to finish, or else not going to write a review for). If you have the time that’d be an easier way to navigate this very long list.

  5. As for “mini-reviews,” I meant the ones on this page that are so short as to only merit a very brief mention. They should go into a separate section on this webpage via another hyperlink.

    Some of us would still like you to fully review titles like Para-Sol or Haruka na Sora, though.

    • Umm… I don’t think there’s a point in a full review of Haruka no Sora. If you liked the characters in Yosuga and wanted more h-scenes (or like fandiscs of moeges in general), you’ll probably like Haruka. There isn’t much else to say. And I did have a full review of para-sol.

      • Pardon me, it seems like your Para-Sol review can’t be accessed from this page for some reason. My bad, but it does illustrate why a little clean-up could be useful on this page.

        And Haruka na Sora interests me because the YnS anime didn’t go into the routes for Yahiro and Kozue. It’s a bummer because the anime’s BDs sold well, and I don’t think it would have taken much to animate those routes too. So right now no English info exists on those character’s routes.

      • Yosuga no sora wasn’t so heavy in the plot in the first place, and to say that the fandisc has plot wouldn’t really be appropriate, so I don’t think you’re missing out on much. The routes aren’t even really routes. They’re short and pretty forgettable. I can remember there being a h-scene for Yahiru, but other than that, nothing.

  6. Perhaps, but some of us like the YnS anime enough to wonder about the story paths of the other characters.

    By the way, I know that for the original game’s characters (with the exception of Motoka) come in pairs, and which major story arc you choose locks you into which two characters you can win in a playthrough. However, wasn’t Yahiro originally planned to be the other partner, paired with Motoka, at least? Another review I read claimed that Yahiro and Kozue are “unwinnable despite all appearances that they should be.”

    Kozue always struck me as one of the more level-headed characters of the cast (despite her lovestruck behaviour around Haruka in the anime), so I thought it might have been interesting to read (or see, in the case of an animated adaptation of her route) how Haruka wins her over. And Yahiro is voiced by Ryoko Tanaka, one of the best and most versatile eroge seiyuus who really should get more mainstream work. Listening to her voice Hinata Kagura in H2O: Footprints in the Sand, you’d never guess that she’d be able to voice characters like Nana Takashiro in Cartagra or Natsume from Kara No Shoujo.

    • I think that Yahiro was originally intended to be a heroine (which explains why she had an event CG, and the CG was used for promotion at that). That review came out before the fandisc was announced though, so technically it’s wrong.
      Now, my memory’s kind of fuzzy, but I remember that although she SEEMED really level-headed, she was struck by how pretty and harem-lead-ish that Haruka was at first sight. Much of her story involved her trying to overcome her embarrassed and accept her feelings for Haruka as what they were (and jumping his panes at the first available opportunity).
      Anyway, holy cow, those were the SAME PEOPLE? …And she also voiced Tomoyo in Clannad, that woman in Para-sol you mentioned, that mindscrew girl in LIttle Busters, and that squeaky annoying girl in 3days, and… holy cow that’s a long of roles………………….. (feel like installing a few of those games and compare the h-scenes to see if she sounds the same)

      • Ryoko Tanaka (more widely known as Hikaru Isshiki) voiced Tomoyo only in Tomoyo after. Houko Kuwashima voiced Tomoyo in the other versions, such as the anime, the non-h game, etc.

        Other roles in eroge you have reviewed the Ryoko Tanaka performed in are Mizuki from Yume Miru Kusuri, Ayano from Moshiraba, and Rika Mikaze from AsuKimi. Of course, these are just the ones I know about. But with that kind of versatility, I have no idea why she isn’t in more mainstream anime. There are plenty of female eroge seiyuu who do quite well in mainstream anime, such as Shizuka Itou, Hitomi Nabatame, Yuko Gotou, Yuu Asakawa, Minami Kuribayashi, Kaori Mizuhashi, etc.

      • *Bows in the shining brilliance of the knowledge…

        *Skitters off to do some research…

        …Oh great bucket of cheese in the sky Tama-nee, Wreathlit and Lenalee are the same person……….. Kaori, on the otherhand, has waaaaaaaaay too many pseudonymous. I mean, 天南ねね=上原ともみ=夏木田栄=美芹桜花=加古井あや子=白山ツヅキ=月島理緒=豊田マコト=野々田早苗=春山琴巳=鳴坂ありす=犬山遊々=西陣波那多=生駒あるひ=晴海あくあ=宮沢結衣=倉方夕子=森島多由=二宮彩子=羽仁麗=森野恵留=七星友里子=音無区々=綾瀬はみる=紅野ミア=松鷹ちひろ=真南六実=温本茶奈=温森はるみ=青戸由羽=茶山みつ子=羽戸まつの=真中まりも=花坂紅葉=青空かれん=蛯原ミサ=里宮アリサ=渚美麗=雅弥はるか=雪つばき=葉月央香=稲狩裕子=小手島ひばり=普間かける=中井戸由希菜=十来みらい
        the ocean of seiyuu knowledge has overwhelmed me.

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