Just finished Cross Channel


Yes, it was fantastic, but I’m too confused to write properly about it now. Where exactly was everyone? why did everything happen? This is like remember11 all over again.

Argg……I was thinking of starting Chaos;Head or 12riven, but I’m too confused for that. So instead I’ll be watching fluff like Maria holic and Shuffle.

School starts next week so this is going to be the last post I’ll be making for a while. See you later, people.

4 thoughts on “Just finished Cross Channel

  1. Sorry for the random comment, but I’ve been playing Cross Channel and it’s definitely addicting. Almost on the level of When They Cry novels in terms of ability to utterly confuse you as you try to figure out what’s going on. @_@

    Well, now I know that that feeling doesn’t go away by the end!

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