Tenshi no Nichiyoubi review

A short little review for a short little game~ Spoilers galore for the entire series ahead.

WordPress has stopped being annoying, so there are pictures now, yay~

Tenshi no Nichiyoubi is the fandisc to Ef -a fairytale of the two-. The game includes four short stories detailing a single day after the time line of the original game from the four main couples. They are unlocked in the order of Miyako>Kei>Chihiro>Mizuki. After the stories, there is a short intermission, then 3 what-if stories, and a short epilogue. There’s also a mini game, but it didn’t work on my computer.

(The effects of Miyako’s ultra mega spicy bento…)

The after stories were fun. While there was no plot to speak of, the comedy really clicked with me and the characters were completely entertaining. The graphics really help.

(Remembering nightmares involving Nagi…)

Some of the characters were exactly as I remembered them.

While others had shown a different side to them that was not present in the main storyline. (Here, she is throwing a death threat to Kyousuke for dating her sister…)

The after stories were well planned out. Because the four stories all occur on the same day, each story compliments the others, and while there are some scenes told through the perspectives of different characters, there is very little overlap. It even hints at the contents of the after stories while being extremely entertaining.

During the intermission, a new character is introduced. The girl, Alice, seems to be the main character for Minori’s next game. In any case, she was looking for an angel, and was disappointed that she couldn’t not find Yuuko. Instead, she meets Mizuki and gives her 3 dreams.

In the first dream, Yuuko misses the bus and there’s a perfect happy end. While she’s a sympathetic character, I can’t say that I particularly love Yuuko, so it didn’t do much for me.
But this was completely adorable though.

In the second dream, the earthquake didn’t kill everyone. Akane (Yuu’s sister) and Akari (Amamiya-sensei’s sister) are both alive and well. So, instead, Yuu develops an adorable relationship with Nagi. I love Nagi and her tendency to sprout completely ridiculous comments, so this was awesome.

(I can’t get over those ridiculous looking tears, I really can’t)

In the third dream, Renji manages to save Mizuki, his cousin, from drowning. Interestingly enough, this leads to him never going to Australia or meeting Chihiro. Anyway, the new Mizuki’s story is incredibly short (even by fandisc standards), during which she acts tsundere in one moment and overwhelmingly sadistic/controlling in another (in a good way). To be fair to Renji, he kind of asks for it. It was completely illogical for someone so uke to end up with someone whose sadism is only triggered by her sister.

Interestingly enough, the girls all control the guys in one way or another. Miyako makes sure that Hiro doesn’t ruin his health, even if she has to drug him to do it. Kei is just completely violent. Chihiro doesn’t need to actively control Renji. Yuuko’s inner demon keeps a reign on Yuu. Nagi overwhelms Hiro. While our Mizuki doesn’t really control Kuze, the new Mizuki has complete dominance over Renji…
Hmm…… interesting……

As you can see, the art is completely fantastic this time around. There is a ridiculous amount of CGs for everything, and 2c=galore has gotten much better since the original game. However, I do have a few small complaints. First, there is the awkward way in which tears are drawn (scroll up to see an example). Second, there is the ridiculous shadows. Granted, it was much better than the main game, but it still bugs me.

…You can’t say that there’s nothing wrong with the shadows in this picture, you really can’t.

Pretty much every time a character art shows up (not, event CGs, just the characters), there are some fantastic lighting effects which feels completely luxurious. This is fantastic. However, it makes the non-effected images ugly looking in comparison.



This problem really extends itself over the game. I mean, after seeing something like

things like

Really feel inadequate. I mean, if they had the money for so many CGs, they could afford to fix Kuze’s face so he doesn’t look like two different people.
Now that I bring up 2c=galore’s problems, I MUST mention Akane.

I really dislike her design. It triggers too many pet peeves for me to list.
The music is the same as it was before, with a few new tracks. The programming didn’t change much either.
Art: 9.5×3=27/30
Music: 8/10
Programming: 8/10
Total: 83/100 B+
It’s short and it’s fun. A must get if you saw Ef.

6 thoughts on “Tenshi no Nichiyoubi review

  1. See, you’re already back and fine and blogging again. But I think you forgot some sentences near the end lol.”This problem really extends itself over the game. I mean, after seeing something like
    things like” .
    Don’t push yourself too much.
    Slice of life days intertwining each other reminds me of some chapters of Yozakura Quartet, where they show you what character did what that day, and then the moment they met up is shown in a different perspective.

    • There was supposed to be a picture there, so it was going to be like this:

      I mean, after seeing something like (this picture) things like (this other picture) really feel inadequate.

      I have no idea why wordpress just randomly decided to cut all the pictures except the first two… Anyway, it’s fixed now.

  2. Lol at how the titles for the first few pics are all the same… Good luck on your project… I stopped my erogaming to study for exams too.

  3. Looks like this does pretty much what a fandisc is supposed to do… it looks especially appealing since I’m (still) playing the main game too. I have yet to track down information on Supipara but I’m hoping they don’t drift too far back toward fluffy rom-com like Wind. I’m usually all for fluff but minori has proven that they can work wonders with (melo)drama and I want to see if they can top this.

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